‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Neil Surprises Alexis

Craig SjodinABC Press

Neil Byrne has been instrumental in getting Kristina back on track and away from the teachings of Dawn of Day. Coming up on Friday’s General Hospital, she will have a request for him that he may have a conflict with. Not only has Neil helped Kristina, but he has been there for her mother as well. Now that may all change.

The previews for Wednesday’s General Hospital suggest that Neil will make a big decision when it comes to his star patient, Alexis Davis. He is seen telling her that he can no longer treat her. Alexis has a surprised look on her face, or maybe it’s more disappointment on her end. The two have become close, but Neil has put the stops on anything personal between them because he is treating her. He will be faced with a dilemma on Friday as SheKnows Soaps indicates that Kristina will ask Dr. Byrne if he will counsel both her and her mother.

That will be difficult if he has chosen not to see Alexis as a patient. He may have to think hard on what to do. He will see that it is important to Kristina and may help in her healing. However, the problem is Alexis. He has admitted in an official capacity to Kevin Collins that he has feelings for one of his patients. He has never mentioned her name, but he is trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

It appears that he may want to dump Alexis as a patient so that he can see if there is a possible personal relationship in their future. Alexis seems to be drawn to him as well. However, if he finds out that she has been snooping in his business, that may make for a rough start to any future relationship between them.

Neil told Kevin that he wanted to share his experience with his patient, so it looks like he is ready to take that next step with Alexis and spill some details from his past. He had a wife and daughter, who he supposedly lost. Many General Hospital fans think that it could be someone already in Port Charles. While it first looked like Willow could have been his daughter, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Will there be a Neil and Alexis pairing? Many fans see chemistry between them, but there are still plenty of die hard Julexis fans out there who are still holding out hope that she will get back with her ex, Julian Jerome.

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