Elsa Hosk Shares Steamy Selfie Wearing Towel And Nothing On Top

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk is no stranger to showing a little skin in photos. The model is often posing in lingerie or swimwear, and shares many of those shots and selfies with her fans. Today, however, she took things to a whole new level with a set of sexy selfies she shared of her wearing nothing but a towel — and it wasn’t wrapped around her entire body.

In the first shot, Hosk is posing in what looks like a luxurious bathroom after just stepping out the shower. Fans can tell she has just finished lathering up because there are still water droplets all over her skin. She has a towel wrapped around her hips, exposing her toned stomach, and absolutely nothing at all on top. She has one hand covering up some of her ample curves, while the other is holding her phone to take the selfie. For the first photo, Hosk has cropped out her head entirely.

She finished teasing fans with another photo, this one in black-and-white. In the shot, viewers can see a bit more of the bathroom behind Hosk. The details on the mirror and the marble on the walls definitely provide an air of decadence. In the second picture, Hosk is posed in pretty much the same way. The only difference is that the photo is taken from a bit further back, so fans can see Hosk’s tangle of freshly-washed blonde hair, air-drying.

Hosk’s followers were obsessed with the set of photos that showcased the model’s enviable physique.

One wanted to know all of Hosk’s tips and tricks for maintaining such an incredible body despite her schedule.

“Wow, I really wanna know how do u manage your diet, work outs and everything related to your health and body even during ur travel times!!!”

Another commented on her physique in total admiration, saying “more curves than a race track.”

One of her fellow Victoria’s Secret models even weighed in on the photo. Candice Swanepoel commented on the post with a mermaid emoji, which is presumably representative of the freshly showered look.

While Hosk spends a great deal of her time traveling, she also loves nothing more than being at her New York home, as she told Porter.

“It’s my little sanctuary, and I love having people over instead of going out, because we always go out in New York. Having people over, you connect in a different way — you can just listen to music and talk for hours, without anyone bothering you.”

She also shared that, one day, she hopes to own another home, in sunny California.