Britney Spears Puts On Fashion Show, Drops 4 Pounds & May Have Used Photoshop To Trim Waist

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Britney Spears likes to play dress up for Instagram. This past week, the pop superstar tried on various outfits while looking into a full-length mirror. She then put those sartorial choices to music before posting her montage.

The first outfit included a skintight white minidress with only one sleeve that did a lot to show off her hot tan. The second paired a lacy black crop top with a red pencil skirt that revealed her taut midriff.

The third ensemble worn by the top recording artist included a wacky umpire-waisted dress that featured electric blue-and-pink latex, white stripes, and puffy sleeves.

Moving on, the fourth outfit was arguably the sexiest. The halter dress was yellow and featured a plunging neckline that showed her breasts popping out of the garment.

And finally, the last look on Sunday’s post had Spears rocking a red top that had been cut off just under her breasts. That revealing top was paired with similarly revealing jean shorts — some would call them Daisy Dukes — that were worn on her writhing hips as Britney bopped to the bouncy music she chose to accompany her Instagram offering.

This was the most recent fashion show Britney featured since taking a selfie while modeling in front of her mirror last week. The image, which also appeared on her social media account, seemed to have been conjuring up the days when the hitmaker dressed like a schoolgirl.

However, a close look at the post made some pundits think she may have been using some Photoshop techniques in order, possibly, to make herself look thinner.

One Instagram follower said, “She is so skinny that she actually affects the furniture around her to make it look skinny as well.”

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If you look close enough at the shot below, you’ll see that the drawers in the background seem to bend behind her miniskirt that puts her midsection on display. It’s kind of a neat trick.

Apparently, Britney has been watching her weight because she posted a picture of a food chart of the eatables she used to lose the four pounds she had made it a priority to lose. In the two-pack picture set, she explained the situation in the first shot so fans would understand the images of fruits and vegetables in the second shot.

Then, today, Britney shared a still-life photo with her 22.2 million Instagram fans. The odd image, credited to photographer Andrea McClain, showed a lone pink rose sitting in a miniature, mint green, vintage pitcher one of her followers identified as being made by Avon.

Another follower stated, “Your mind is a mystery,” while yet another revealed that Britney is the “queen of being random.”

Random is as random does. Apparently, Britney Spears has done it again by attracting attention to whatever she is doing at any given moment. There’s no need to quibble about this offering, as the superstar earned more than 30,000 likes on her latest Instagram post within an hour of putting up the pretty picture of the green pitcher.