Man Threatens Boss With ‘Stake’ Years After Being Fired

Stake Attack

Richard Ulrich can hold a serious grudge. Ulrich was fired from his job years ago, yet only recently decided to attack his boss for her actions.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, Ulrich, 53, approached his former boss at her home, brandishing a “stake type” stick and demanding money.

Ulrich showed up as his former boss’s home in Spring Hill, Florida at 4 p.m. Monday. When he approached his former boss, Ulrich said he was going to kill her. Ulrich then poked her repeatedly with his stick and demanded money.

The victim told Richard that she only had $18 in her wallet. Ulrich then demanded $1,000 so he could “leave Florida.”

Thinking quickly on her feet, his former boss said they could go to an ATM to withdraw the funds. As she walked out of her home, the woman made a mad dash for her neighbor’s house.

Ulrich, not wanting to face other people, quickly fled from the scene of his crime.

Investigators from the police station were able to track down Richard Ulrich in less than 24 hours. The criminal was charged with home invasion and false imprisonment.


When asked why he attacked his former boss, Ulrich told investigators he wanted to “intimidate the victim and scare her for firing him.”

Richard Ulrich

Ulrich admitted to police that he was carrying a stake. He also claimed that he never threatened to kill her and that he “didn’t remember” taking $18 from her purse.

Richard is currently being held by officials, and no bond has been set for his release.