Top 10 Hottest Pictures Of Jamie Chung On Instagram

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Jamie Chung lights up Instagram on a regular basis.

The 36-year-old Korean-American is among today’s most popular Hollywood actresses. She launched her career in 2004 with a bit part in Veronica Mars not long after her stints on the 14th season of The Real World: San Diego and its spinoff, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II.

After those memorable runs on reality and prime time television, Chung also took a soap opera, according to IMBd. She was cast as Cordy Han on Days of Our Lives in 2007, the same year she was featured on the TV series, Greek.

After that, the rising star took film roles in some goofy movies, including Sucker Punch and The Hangover Part II.

Praise for her acting prowess was given for Jamie’s Eden role. The independent film focused on the serious subject of human trafficking.

In 2017, Jamie morphed into a teleporting mutant on Fox’s The Gifted. Her part as Clarice Fong/Blink ran for two seasons until the X-Men series was booted off the air not long before the third season was expected to air, according to Variety via Den of Geek.

Chung has been philosophical about her career.

“I view my career like a rubber-band ball in that every role is a new experience building toward something bigger,” she once said via IMBd.

Jamie Chung is a proud sun-worshipper, especially so when on vacation. Her summer of 2019 started out in luxuriating Lake Como.

While Jamie took the time to zen out, she wore a bikini top that showed her alluring cleavage for all the world to see.

Now that Jamie’s role on The Real World has finally faded into the background, this diversely talent can look back and be able to shake off the image she had acquired during her time on MTV.

“The casting directors that were aware of ‘The Real World’ looked at me as a joke. It was so hard to get away from that,” she admitted.

Her look these days had been that of a movie star, with or without white cat-eye sunglasses.

While dressing for an outing with Bryan Greenberg, her husband of four years, she wasn’t shy about showing her amazing legs in a mini. And why not? She’s a knockout no matter what she wears.

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Another from @marieclaireindonesia cover shoot ????

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For an Indonesian magazine shoot, Jamie had her hair slicked back and her breasts partially on show. Her eye make-up featured a prominent swoop of eyeliner for an exotic look.

While exploring Lake Como, Chung dressed in casual attire, with her taut tummy exposed and with her leopard shoes without heels on so she could navigate the uneven stone alleyways of the Italian village.

Jamie is a comfort freak and likes to wear anything that will make her feel that way. Still, the actress looks sexy no matter how casual her attire.

Back in Malibu, Jamie appeared ecstatic as she soaked up the sun while wearing a pretty pale pink frock.

Jamie calls herself “a foodie” in a quote from IMBd, but where’s the fat that comes from that?

“If acting doesn’t work out, I plan to do food photography and just eat my way through the entire world. I’m a big foodie, and if I could make some career out of it, that would be fantastic.”

And finally, the bedroom shot above featuring Jamie Chung had the star looking as if she had just arrived in a blissful place. The fact that she was not wearing a shirt but just a bra could be a hint as to why she was feeling the way she did. Or not. After all, this pretty lady has a lot of happiness in her life, something that is always a good reason for a smile.