Here’s What Mike, Connor And Garrett Are Doing After ‘The Bachelorette’

Hint: You might want to slide into their DMs.

A red rose.

Hint: You might want to slide into their DMs.

After Hannah Brown broke three hearts this week on The Bachelorette, fans may be wondering how they can date the three still-bachelors.

On Monday, Brown sent three men packing: Connor, Mike and Garrett.

First, Mike got a one-on-one rose. Connor was upset and pled with Hannah not to break up with him. Brown said she likes him, but there are other relationships with stronger feelings.

If you remember, Connor was the guy to take care of Brown when she came home from a hospital stay, then put cute Post-It notes around her room.

His Instagram posts mostly consist of Bachelorette promos, but there is a couple of him traveling to Quintana Roo and one of him shirtless.

Next, on Monday, Mike and Hannah went on a romantic artistic date, after which Brown ended up crying and sending the sweetheart home.

“Mike deserves to be loved fiercely, just as much as I do,” Brown said, according to USA Today.

So, what is the man with the big heart and smile doing now? Page Six reported that Demi Lovato has a crush on him.

“Jus saying, my future wife though girl you ready for smiles, adventure, comfort, growth, honesty, laughter, me falling using my inhaler and kissing your stretch marks and imperfections. Where u hiding.”

So, will Mike be the next Bachelor or a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise? Well, no telling–yet. All, we know is that he looks really good in a suit.

Next on the chopping block was Garrett, the pro golfer. Peter, Garrett and Luke headed to a three-on-one date, in which Luke stole her first (of course). Garrett and Luke got into it; Peter got a rose. With one rose left, Garrett and Luke went to dinner with Brown.

Garrett made a fatal error: he told her he loved her. She sent him packing.

So where is Garrett now? According to his Instagram, on which he has 124,000 followers now, he’s living the good life. The Alabama native can be seen golfing — surprise! — and going to football games and chilling on the beach with his bros.

What everyone really wants to know, though, is if Hannah will end up picking Luke P. If she doesn’t, no one will probably care where he ends up after the show if his reputation gives any indication.

Ladies, do you want to date any of the good guys? You might think about sliding into their DMs.