Emily Ratajkowski’s Bouncing Chest Racks Up Insane Views

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Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t need to do much to rake in the engagement. The supermodel comes armed with 23.3 million followers awaiting her updates. July 2 hasn’t disappointed this sensation’s fans. Emily’s video managed to rack up over 750,000 views within just 50 minutes of going live.

Today’s video didn’t see EmRata in her signature bikini. The model had been shot in a blissful-looking setting. While Emily herself was posing on a balcony of wrought irons and exposed stone, she had been filmed against stunning foothills. The sun was shining and what appeared to be a historic village in the background made for the perfect horizon.

Emily was in the foreground. She was leaning against the balcony in a slinky and strappy dress. The gold-colored number featured striped materials and a loose-flowing tassel around the shoulder. Fans might also argue that the look was braless – the model didn’t seem to be wearing any form of support. Moving forward into the camera, Emily sent fans her world-famous beauty and a little chest bouncing.

Today’s video seemed to bring out a particularly natural feel. Emily’s long brown hair was loose and blowing in the breeze. With the sun shining on her face, the 28-year-old also seemed to be sending out a natural glow. Her skin was perfect.

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Never coming home

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A simple caption from Emily suggested that she might be on vacation.

Fan comments poured in.

“Content we deserve” came from DJ Chantal Jeffries.

“I’ll take Colombo” was another comment.

Fans will likely be aware that Colombo is the model’s dog. This adorable pup has been seen on Emily’s Instagram of late. While fans have taken to the model’s four-legged friend, they seem to rank its owner higher. Emily is nothing short of worshipped on Instagram – and with good reason. With her fierce curves, natural beauty, and body-positive attitude, this is one celebrity who has earned her A-List status.

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12 am pancakes @livincool

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Emily’s recent Instagram activity has largely centered around her Inamorata swimwear and lingerie line. The model frequently takes to the platform to showcase her own merchandise; she’s a fantastic brand ambassador. Speaking to Elle about the inspiration behind the range, Emily spoke candidly.

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Way down in Kokomo ????????

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“You know, for me, I don’t have a go-to underwear store. I don’t have a place that makes cute basics that I really want to wear, and I feel comfortable in, but I also think are on trend and cool. So, this is also just like a necessity—this is something that I would want to wear.”

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