Sofia Richie Flaunts Her Unreal Figure In New Bikini Photo Shoot

Sofia Richie works hard on her bikini body, and she’s flaunting it with a new photo shoot.

The 20-year-old model showed off her stuff in a new shoot for Frankies Bikinis, with Radar Online sharing some of the revealing shots. The photos showed Sofia wearing a series of colorful swimsuits that the report noted were designed by Francesca Aiello, who happens to be a close friend of hers.

As the report noted, Sofia made them look great.

“The new Malibu-based swimwear and apparel brand prides itself on its trendy styles made to fit and look great on every woman. Of course, curvy Sofia happens to be in amazing shape,” the report noted.

Francesca said that she always had Sofia in mind to show off the selection, and the pictures showed that she was a perfect fit.

“When dreaming up the perfect ‘it’ girl to collaborate with, Sofia instantly came to mind. She exudes such confidence and femininity,” Francesca told Just Jared Jr. of their collaboration.

Francesca added that it was “a breeze” working with Sofia to bring the campaign to life, saying that their personal style and taste intertwine perfectly, which Francesca attributed to their both having grown up “living the typical California girl lifestyle.”

Sofia is, of course, no stranger to showing off some skin, using her Instagram page as a hub to show off her modeling shots, including a preview of the Frankies Bikinis shoot that she shared last month. The picture garnered Sofia some viral attention and got fans excited to see more from the bikini series, which now has been delivered.

It’s no coincidence that Sofia Richie stays in such amazing shape. The 20-year-old is famous for her fitness regimen, which allows Sofia to show off her washboard abs and tight physique as she hits up the gym in Los Angeles.

But working out was not always so easy for Sofia. In an interview with Hello! magazine (via the Brampton Guardian), the model shared that she had often been unmotivated to work out and would simply lie on the floor of the gym like a starfish. Realizing she needed some external motivation, Sofia started attending SoulCycle classes and other more organized workout classes where, as she put it, someone would yell at her to get into shape.

More pictures from Sofia Richie’s hot bikini photo shoot for Frankies Bikinis can be found in the Radar Online report.