Jed Wyatt Encourages ‘Bachelorette’ Fans To Spread Love And They Immediately Clap Back

Mark BourdillonABC

There have been a lot of wild Bachelorette spoilers about Hannah Brown’s season swirling around over the past couple of weeks. Given how crazy things will supposedly get in the weeks ahead, many fans who have been following these teasers are taking a special interest in what all of the involved parties are posting on social media.

During Monday night’s episode, Hannah had great one-on-one dates with Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. She gave Luke Parker and Peter Weber roses, so those four men will get hometown dates in Episode 8. However, the sneak peek shared at the end of the episode teased that one of these guys ends up spending some frisky time with Brown in a windmill and this has generated a lot of buzz.

There are people online who are criticizing Hannah for what she said and revealed during that preview clip. However, that’s not the only tidbit connected to Hannah’s season that is generating buzz. As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve have revealed that Hannah has ended her relationship with her final rose recipient.

Warning! Major Bachelorette spoilers ahead!

According to what Reality Steve has shared, Jed is the one who gets Hannah’s final rose over Tyler and the two reportedly left Greece engaged. However, lots of headlines and allegations about Jed’s love life have emerged in the past couple of weeks and it would appear that those have doomed this engagement.

Given those new Bachelorette spoilers, spoiled fans wasted no time in commenting on Jed’s new Instagram post. While he had been laying fairly low on social media over the past week or two, it seems he decided to wade back into the world of Instagram and he may regret that he did.

Tuesday afternoon, Jed posted a pair of photos to his Instagram page. They showed him with Hannah and in the first one, he is hugging her and kissing her cheek. Wyatt wrote in his caption about how he’d like everybody to focus on Hannah’s strength and spread actual love.

The Nashville musician has 313,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 40,000 of them liked this post in the first hour it was up on Wyatt’s page. However, more than 1,200 comments quickly piled up as well and these weren’t necessarily what Jed probably anticipated.

“Maybe you should stop spreading love” was posted by one follower and that comment quickly snagged nearly 700 likes. There were several other similar comments as Jed’s wording came back to bite him.

Another Bachelorette fan questioned, “Jed why did you waste our time and most importantly Hannah’s.”

There were comments questioning if everybody was going to ignore the elephant in the room, clearly a reference to what Jed’s ex-girlfriend has claimed about the status of their relationship as he started filming The Bachelorette. Additional comments noted that he was canceled and some relayed that they thought he had a lot of nerve.

“I’ll spread my love for Hannah- that women [sic] is strong to have to go through this show AND have her heart broken by all the truths that came out.”

Will Jed leave this post up or will he end up deleting it after he takes a gander at the flood of comments calling him out? Will all of these Bachelorette spoilers about the ending of Hannah’s season end up being accurate? There were some fans who came to Jed Wyatt’s defense on this post, but they definitely seemed to be outnumbered by those standing up for Hannah Brown in the wake of these latest spoilers and rumors.