‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Hayden’s Surprise Return, But She May Be Coming Alone

Jemal CountessGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Hayden Barnes will soon be popping up in Port Charles, and Tuesday’s episode appeared to share a teaser related to this upcoming storyline. Fans cannot wait to see actress Rebecca Budig back on the show, and they are definitely buzzing about this latest tidbit.

During Tuesday’s show, both Elizabeth and Franco were discussing the upcoming party they have planned to celebrate their nuptials. They had to change the venue after their first choice fell through, and Liz has been busy reaching out to loved ones to confirm they are aware of the change.

Franco is working on a special painting for his new wife, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this party will be shown soon. However, teases SheKnows Soaps, it will not play out without some twists and turns.

It looks likely that one shocker set to play out during this wedding reception is the surprising return of Hayden. The Inquisitr recently detailed that there seemed to be clues hinting that Hayden would return to Port Charles in conjunction with this event celebrating her sister’s wedding. Now, that is looking more likely.

At one point during Tuesday’s show, a mysterious somebody was seen booking a one-way flight from Paris, France to Port Charles. The date of the flight was noted to be just days away, and it was a first class ticket for one adult and no children.

Naturally, fans took a close look at the screen that was shown as this mystery airline ticket was purchased. While the person buying the ticket wasn’t shown, and the screen didn’t reveal a name, it certainly seems that this is likely to be Hayden booking a return to Port Charles.

Some fans did notice that there is no child listed on this ticket, which is interesting. Viewers know that despite telling Finn otherwise, Hayden was still pregnant after leaving Port Charles a couple of years ago. Fans have eagerly anticipated Hayden returning to town and admitting to Finn that she gave birth to their child.

General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Hayden may return in part because her child with Finn has an illness of some sort. However, at least for this initial return, it looks like she may be returning alone.

Some fans speculated that it might not be Hayden booking that ticket, but Cassandra Pierce instead. While she hasn’t been mentioned in quite some time, it took viewers by surprise to hear Cassandra’s name brought up as Chase and Finn talked.

There have been General Hospital spoilers swirling over the past few months indicating that the Cassandra situation would be addressed again at some point. However, it would seem more likely that it’s Hayden buying that ticket rather than Cassandra.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Rebecca Budig’s return as Hayden Barnes will begin soon, and fans cannot wait. It has also sounded as if this is a long-term return. Viewers are surely eager to learn more about the storyline ahead.