WWE Rumors: The Real Reason For The Explosion And Set Destruction On ‘Monday Night Raw’

It appears as if they needed some demolition help.

Lashley and Strowman crash through the 'Raw' set.

It appears as if they needed some demolition help.

There was an interesting match on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw which led to a giant collision, an explosion, and even some injuries. It was a Falls Count Anywhere Match that opened up the evening, and it was between two behemoths in Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. The match ended when both WWE superstars went through the LED screen/wall, but there may have been a bigger reason for that to actually happen.

As reported by the official website of WWE, the match was all over the arena and ended with the two big men going through an explosive screen. Lashley escaped without serious injury, but as reported by The Inquisitr, Strowman is said to have a separated pelvis which could keep him on the shelf for a while.

This match is actually what kicked off last night’s Raw and the rest of the show took place with a giant hole in the screen. While it wasn’t a huge deal for anyone watching or even the superstars on Raw, it may have actually served a much bigger purpose than an end to a match.

WrestleVotes commented on the situation during Monday Night Raw and said there was actually a reason for the screen to be demolished.

There hasn’t been much said about this or going around on social media, but the WrestleVotes account on Twitter is usually spot on. If their rumors end up not being true, they totally own up to that and will admit when they’re wrong.

Honestly, this would make a lot of sense as it would be a way for WWE to usher in a brand new set design for Monday Night Raw. Not only that, but this would allow them to do that without just randomly springing it on the fans one week and no one understanding where it came from.

Having Strowman slam Lashley through the screen in a gigantic explosion of sparks and lights was a cool way to do it, too.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley slam through the "Raw" LED screen.

When SmackDown Live moves to Fox in early October, it’s already been confirmed that the show will have a new logo. It’s very likely that there will be a new stage and set design for the blue brand as well, and that’s expected even more now due to Eric Bischoff’s return.


As many will remember, The Inquisitr reported last week how Bischoff is now the Executive Director of SmackDown. Over on Monday Night Raw, that job has been given to Paul Heyman and he may have already showcased some of his influence on last night’s episode.

It does indeed seem as if it is a “new era,” but is it one with a lot of attitude?