Dove Cameron’s Yoga Pants Selfie Gets Noticed: ‘Wow’

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

Dove Cameron’s latest Instagram update is causing a stir. The Descendants actress took to the platform earlier today for a cute, nerdy, and ultimately, very sexy selfie.

The July 2 photo showed the 23-year-old in what appeared to be a prep setting, per her caption. Background couches, a handbag, and plain white walls were ordinary. The beautiful blonde in the foreground was raising pulses, though. Dove had snapped herself in what was likely a mirror setting – glare from her smartphone’s flash was manifesting. She posed with one leg raised on a wooden surface.

Dove didn’t appear to have made much effort to nail her look. Her black yoga pants came paired with a cutoff t-shirt in light grays. The look was flaunting this sensation’s killer body, though. Dove’s taut abs were on show. While her cleavage wasn’t seen, her womanly silhouette was manifesting via the cute crop top. Likewise present were the star’s signature bombshell hair, porcelain skin, and plump pout.

A caption from Dove appeared to be apologizing for poor “lighting.”

It also pointed out that she’d acquired some new eyewear.

Fans are all over the update.

“You’re perfect,” one fan wrote.

“Wow” was another response.

The thought seemed echoed by a separate user.

“OH WOW,” they wrote.

With her angelic charm and cherubic features, this much-loved celebrity frequently makes headlines on account of her beauty. Hollywood may be filled with beautiful starlets, but Dove seems to stand out. Her bombshell looks harness an era-gone-by feel, but this girl is all about modern-day energy. With a fresh face and a winning attitude, Dove seems to fly the flag for 2019 beauty.

Dove’s Instagram popularity has been picked up on by brands – the platform might offer celebrities a chance to share their lives with fans, but it equally offers income potential. Earlier this year, Dove was signed by automotive giant Fiat. The car company appeared to have cherry-picked Dove for her spontaneous charm. A promotional video from Dove (seen above) saw the actress toying with her hair in an outdoor setting and sending Instagram a bit of a giggle. The footage currently sits at over 2.5 million views.

Activity on Cameron’s Instagram comes in many forms. While some updates promote Descendants 3, others showcase her love life. Fans subscribing to this account can, however, expect fairly regular selfies from Dove.

Today’s update also saw Dove being told that she “[screams] hotness.”

Dove has 25.8 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Dove should follow her account.