Instagram Sensation Yanet Garcia Puts Famed Backside On Display, Fans Call It ‘Hottest Booty In Mexico’

Yanet GarciaInstagram

“The World’s Hottest Weather Girl,” Yanet Garcia has managed to take her millions of Instagram followers’ breaths away once again with a snap posted this week featuring the model’s famed backside in a raunchy position.

While riding piggy-back on her recent boyfriend and athlete Lewis Howes’s back, the model was photographed from behind as she pushed her ample backside out, making it appear even fuller than it normally does. She wore a pair of navy blue, skin-hugging yoga pants with a turquoise waistband that highlighted her busty asset even more.

Yanet paired the tight-fitting pants with a white, crop-top sweatshirt that rode up her chest as she hugged her boyfriend around his shoulders and exposed a glimpse of her trim, flat tummy and muscular back. The brunette bombshell completed the look with a pair of white sneakers and sunglasses as she posed for the camera with a happy smile stretched across her face and her eyes closed. Her long, straight hair hung loose down her back and off to her shoulders, slightly tousled by the wind.

For his part, Lewis, who described himself as a former pro-athlete and entrepreneur as well as a New York Times bestselling author on his Instagram page, was dressed casually in black jeans, a black t-shirt, and black Nike sneakers. Although his face was hidden from the photographer, a pair of sunglasses could be seen from the peripheral view.

While fans were focused mostly on Yanet and her beauty, the pair stood looking out over a stunning, vast valley that featured the Piramide del Sol in the background. Mountains and villages could also be seen in the distance.

In the model and weathercaster’s caption, she simply left two emoji — a heart-eyed and red heart — alongside a couple of hashtags and a tag of her boyfriend’s account, @lewishowes. The hashtags read #couplesgoals and #relationshipgoals, which communicated to her followers just how happy she was in her budding relationship.

In addition to the various comments from her adoring 10.6 million followers, Lewis left his girlfriend a comment that read, “Thanks for always having my back! Te amo,” followed by a fire and red heart emoji.

Several of Yanet’s followers left their own comments on Lewis’s, with one going so far as to write, “I love her too just like you do.”

More than one Instagram user declared that the 28-year-old had the “hottest booty in Mexico,” while another added, “Looks more like booty goals,” alongside a laughing face emoji.