Vice President Mike Pence Rushes Back To White House Over Unknown Emergency, Suddenly Cancels Event

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Vice President Mike Pence has apparently canceled an event he was set to attend Tuesday afternoon due to an undisclosed emergency back in Washington, D.C., that requires his attention. Few details have emerged about exactly what is behind this sudden change of plans.

According to the Boston Globe, Vice President Pence was on his way to speak at the Granite Recovery Center in Salem, New Hampshire, Tuesday afternoon. It seems that his remarks were slated to address the ongoing opioid crisis in the state.

However, Pence’s flight reportedly has been diverted. According to spokesman Randy Gentry, this is not due to an emergency. However, other sources are hearing slightly different reports.

So far, details reveal that President Donald Trump requested that Vice President Pence immediately return to Washington, D.C. This is according to what a Massachusetts GOP committee member, Tom Mountain, was seemingly told by a Secret Service official who was in the room where the vice president was headed to in Salem.

“The president called Air Force Two back to Washington. It was about to land and they had to call them back to Washington. I don’t recall that they use the word ’emergency’ or ‘crisis.’”

Pence’s remarks were supposed to begin at 1 p.m. in New Hampshire. While some reports have noted that Pence’s flight was about to land in New Hampshire when it was rerouted back to Washington, it seems the White House is saying the plane never left D.C.

Raw Story adds that a White House spokesperson said that there is “no cause for concern” and that President Trump “is fine.” At this point, the spokesperson seems to be saying that there was simply something that came up on Tuesday that requires the vice president’s presence in Washington. However, concerns about an emergency of sorts are swirling among various media outlets and reports as everybody waits for more details.

Some across Twitter are wondering if there is something significant developing that has international consequences. As Israeli journalist Amichai Stein noted in a tweet, there are reports emerging that Russian President Vladimir Putin has just canceled plans he had for the day due to an urgent meeting with his defense minister.

In addition, there is a lot of buzz making the rounds on Twitter that the European Union has called an emergency meeting of its Security Council as well. However, it doesn’t look as if these details have been confirmed by any major news outlets as of yet.

There will surely be additional information released soon explaining Vice President Mike Pence’s return to Washington, D.C., upon President Trump’s seemingly sudden request. Whether this is connected to what is supposedly happening with Putin in Russia and with the UN Security Council remains to be seen, but people are definitely speculating about what might be happening.