Miley Cyrus's Latex Crotch Pic Slammed: 'There Are Children Following You'

Miley Cyrus is facing backlash. The SHE IS COMING singer has been taking to Instagram to promote the July 2-released music video for her "Mother's Daughter" track. The 26-year-old's social media promotion for it was unique, but not all of it has been well-received.

A raunchy picture of Miley dressed head-to-toe in red latex has sparked outrage. Miley had posed for the camera with her legs spread and her mouth open. The skin-tight bodysuit wasn't showing any flesh, but it did come with bullet-like studs around the singer's nether regions. While not all comments slammed the image, many of the most-liked responses seemed to feel that Miley had gone too far.

With over 2,200 likes, one comment proved immensely popular.

"I honestly preferred your Malibu song and when you were simple, clean and focused on your musical talent. This whole act to get attention and shock value isn't impressing me."
Likewise voicing disapproval was one comment suggesting that Miley might be setting a poor example for her younger followers.

"It's not cool there are children following you," the individual wrote.

The thought appeared echoed by a comment also mentioning the platform's youth.

"Miley u r the worst inspiration to those children's [sic] out there."
Having shed her teen image as a Hannah Montana star, Miley now comes with plenty of womanly appeal. Most fans feel that Miley's embracement of her sexuality is positive. The star is likewise praised for taking her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth into a marriage – the couple tied the knot at the end of last year.

That said, Miley has been upping the ante of late. Her recent stage performance at U.K. music festival Glastonbury came with crotch-grabbing and camera-licking. As The Daily Mail reports, Miley also lifted up her shirt on stage. The suggestive behavior appears to have carried over to Miley's Instagram.

Not all responses to Tuesday's picture proved negative. Miley's die-hard fans were out to support her, but their comments appeared overtaken by users questioning whether the photo was appropriate. One angered user told the singer that she was manifesting "complete disregard." They also reminded her that individuals of "all ages" subscribe to her Instagram."What the hell is wrong [sic] YOU" was another comment.

While an eyebrow-raiser, Miley's update did receive plenty of likes – over 1.4 million were clocked within four hours of the post going live. The picture was also liked by celebrities including Chloe Grace Moretz and YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

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