Selena Gomez’s Soaking-Wet Swimsuit Pic Body-Shamed: ‘Too Many Burgers By The Looks Of It’

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Selena Gomez is being body-shamed. The 26-year-old’s current Mexican getaway now comes complete with a sizzling, Baywatch-like photo of the singer in a sexy, red swimsuit. Selena had been photographed soaking wet in clear-blue waters as she soaked up the sun. The “Fetish” singer looked healthy.

While The Daily Mail aptly referred to Selena as looking “incredible,” cruel words in the newspaper’s comments section are now seeing this brunette beauty shamed on account of her shape.

“She needs to hang out with skinnier friends” was one hurtful response.

“Too many burgers by the looks of it!” one Brit said.

Similarly unfair and spiteful comments referred to a “whale watch,” and the singer needing to purchase slimming beverages. Today’s comments form the latest in a wave of body-shaming remarks. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, pictures of Selena looking fit and fabulous in a white swimsuit were likewise subject to jabs. Yesterday’s report from The Inquisitr noted the trolling nature of the comments, but it did point out a recent airport photo of Selena looking somewhat rounder.

Selena does appear to have gained a few pounds of late. That said, this gym-honed celebrity is far from being overweight. Nonetheless, it seems that individuals aren’t above giving this singer a hard time.

Fortunately for Selena, not all comments proved cruel. One user appeared to feel that the singer had gained weight, but their words suggested the outcome to be a good one for Selena.

“Am happy for her she is not hiding away in a room because she gained weight….live everyday selena….you, more than most, will know life is too short.”

Fans backing the star also pointed out that she looked “healthy.” Mentions of Selena’s health issues were also made. With the auto-immune disease lupus, Selena has undergone a full kidney transplant. One user suggested that Selena may be taking immuno-suppressant medication that might be responsible for her apparent weight gain.

“She has lupus and her meds are probably make her gain weight. People can be so cruel. I think she looks great” was one comment pointing toward this.

As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Selena is under permanent scrutiny. Her lithe frame may have gained a few curves this year, but most fans would argue that Selena looks better than ever. With an active lifestyle and a dedication to working out, the singer is now the face of sports brand PUMA.

Selena is not the only celebrity to have been body-shamed. Famous faces who’ve experienced the bullying include Demi Lovato and Bebe Rexha.