Miley Cyrus’ Shirt-Lifting Pic Slammed: ‘Instagram Not Pornhub’

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Miley Cyrus’ July 1 Instagram picture is receiving backlash. The close-up photo showing the “Wrecking Ball” singer lifting her shirt to partially expose her breast was a headline-maker from the start. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, early responses to the picture seemed mostly positive. Yet, things appear to have progressed.

The Inquisitr had noted a response that was in its infancy – both the singer’s picture and the comment were less than 30 minutes old at the time of the report. Alongside being joined by other slamming words, the comment has now risen to become the most-liked.

“This platform is Instagram not pornhub” received over 1,830 likes.

Over 220 replies were launched. The 26-year-old star’s die-hard fans mostly clapped back in her defense, but users agreeing with the comment voiced their support for it.

“@kaan.ikd Agreed,” one wrote.

“Well said” was voiced by two separate users.

“We need something to show our daughters to make sure they don’t become like that” was another comment.

Backlash for Miley didn’t just stem from one comment, though. An individual calling the picture “disgusting” saw their comment rack up over 320 likes. Similarly popular was a comment telling the SHE IS COMING singer to remove the image.

“Keep your shirt down okay?” received over 180 likes.

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Seconds before SHOWTIME ????

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When it comes to expressing her sexuality, Miley is known for taking a free route. This former Hannah Montana star has shed the Disney Channel image she grew up with. Now in her mid-20s, Miley comes with womanly appeal, sexy curves, and a fierce approach to expressing herself as a grown-up. The singer’s recent Glastonbury, U.K., stage performance came with crotch-groping, shirt-lifting, and suggestive camera-licking.

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While Miley’s on-stage and Instagram behavior may be raunchy, it is mostly well-received. Few seem to feel that the singer comes across as cheap – Miley’s classy image does not appear tainted by her sex appeal. The star is also generally perceived to be one that symbolizes feminine empowerment. This mostly stems from feminine-strong lyrics.

Fans feeling that Miley’s snap was an expression of feminine freedom did voice their thoughts.

“#Freethenipple” was a popular comment.

Unfortunately for Cyrus, queries of whether the image was appropriate did not get lost amid other comments.

“Why?” one user wrote.

“Wtf is this?” also manifested.

Miley isn’t the only celebrity to bare skin on social media. Famous faces including Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are known for baring flesh on Instagram. Miley herself went nude in a bathtub earlier this year for a Black Mirror snap.

While not exclusively slammed, it looks like Miley’s update yesterday upset a fair few people.