Hannah Brown Shocks ‘Bachelorette’ Viewers, & Luke, With Racy Windmill Reference That Has Everybody Going Wild

Mark BourdillonABC

Hannah Brown just revealed a shocker in a sneak peek filled with juicy Bachelorette spoilers and this new tidbit is setting social media on fire. Bits and pieces of this upcoming dramatic encounter with contestant Luke Parker have been doled out in various previews throughout this season, but a jaw-dropping windmill reference just cranked the drama up a notch.

In the sneak peek that aired at the end of Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, spoilers revealed more of the intense confrontation that eventually happens between Hannah and Luke. Previews have already teased that at some point, Brown would tear into somebody who seems to be shaming her for having been intimate with another contestant. Now, additional context has made this situation look even crazier than anticipated.

As ET Online notes, it’s been made clear that Luke is the contestant who riles up Hannah with some comments about who she may have gotten frisky with during filming. He’ll make a comment during their date in Greece as part of the overnights that he believes a marriage bed should be kept pure. He adds that if he and Hannah do head to the fantasy suite, they won’t be sleeping together.

Now, the newest preview also shows that Luke will tell Hannah that if he finds out she’s “slept around” with the other guys, he’ll want to head home. All of this becomes too much for Hannah and The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that she’ll drop a bombshell at this point.

Hannah will reveal that she had already gone down that road and she says it happened in a windmill. Brown will taunt Parker that he must want to leave now after hearing that and he’ll be speechless as he absorbs this.

In a moment of Hannah speaking directly to the camera in a solo interview in the midst of this chaos, she’ll drop another bombshell of sorts.

“I f**ked in a windmill, and guess what? We did it a second time!”

This explosive confrontation will finally lead to Luke’s elimination. However, The Inquisitr has previously detailed that viewers will seemingly still see Luke one more time before this season wraps as he shows up at the rose ceremony after his elimination, wanting to talk to Hannah.

As soon as Hannah dropped this juicy tidbit, fans went wild on Twitter. Everybody immediately started trying to figure out who has had, or will have, a date with Hannah that involves a windmill.

Spoiler king Reality Steve wasn’t tweeting along with The Bachelorette episode this week, but he got pulled into things after this windmill reference. As fans scrambled to figure out which guy got frisky, twice, with Hannah in a windmill, Reality Steve shared one person’s tweet who thinks she figured it out.

The Netherlands, where these Episode 7 dates took place, is certainly known for its windmills. Although Monday’s show didn’t reveal this juicy tidbit taking place during any of Hannah’s dates, some wonder if she managed to sneak away from the cameras with Jed Wyatt for some frisky alone time.

However, others have noted that there is another possibility, one that they believe seems more likely. The overnight dates take place in Greece, and there are apparently quite a few windmills there too. The site Upliving notes that Mykonos, the area where the overnight dates take place, is referred to as the island of the winds.

It does seem more likely that Hannah would have gotten frisky to this extent with one of her overnight date guys in Greece, rather than with Jed in the Netherlands when there were still a handful of other guys still involved.

Some Bachelorette fans tweeted about trying to figure out which of the four finalists’ hometowns were near windmills, but that seems unlikely to be the answer. Will fans see when and who joins Hannah in the windmill for some intensely romantic moments, or will everybody be left guessing?

One Bachelorette fan tweeted that “‘I f**ked in a windmill’ is the new fence jump,” obviously referring to Colton Underwood’s infamous fence jumping incident last winter on The Bachelor.

Another viewer joked, “the windmill, entering the narrative.”

Before Episode 7 started to air, show creator Mike Fleiss had shared a teaser via Twitter. Now that the preview at the end of Monday’s show has aired, it’s pretty clear what word he was referring to in this tweet.

This new sneak peek definitely got viewers buzzing and it will probably take a while for this line of Hannah Brown’s about her frisky windmill time to be topped within the franchise. The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that things are only going to get crazier from here, and as The Inquisitr detailed, even the After the Final Rose special may have some major jaw-droppers in it.