Selena Gomez Body-Shamed In Swimsuit Pics: ‘She’s Gaining A Lot Of Weight’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Fans would likely agree that Selena Gomez looks sensational right now. The 26-year-old made front-page news earlier today for wowing in a white swimsuit. Photos obtained by The Daily Mail on July 1 showed the “Fetish” singer looking healthy in Punta Mita, Mexico.

The newspaper’s comments section saw some fans give Selena the thumbs-up, but mentions of the star’s weight were prominent. Given that Selena seemed to be owning her curves (and the star is hardly overweight), some comments did appear to be body-shaming the brunette.

“Is she beautiful, gorgeous and a real woman now that she’s overweight?” one user wrote.

“Putting the weight back on I see, too bad” was another cruel comment.

An individual appearing to be based in the U.S. seemed out to probe both Selena’s shape and her overall wellbeing, per their comment.

“I like her but the reality is that she’s gaining a lot of weight and that’s is not good for her health. Organ transplant is not a joke….”

Selena does appear to have gained a few pounds of late. As The Inquisitr reported last month, a photo of Selena at an airport showed the star looking puffy in the face and not her usual self.

Given that this superstar is a bonafide beauty icon and known for her balanced lifestyle approach, it would seem that today’s comments are nothing short of shaming her. In fact, many of the replies left in The Daily Mail‘s comments section mentioned the “body-shaming” term – fans responding to the cruel remarks felt that Selena was being subject to just this. Likewise indicative of Selena being unfairly singled-out was the comment pitting beauty against weight.

“Stop body shaming, its obvious she has health problems don’t make it worse,” one fan wrote in support of Selena.

Fortunately for Selena, comments weren’t exclusively around her shape. Those that were also included a positive stance – individuals seemed prepared to accept their opinion that Selena had gained a few pounds, but it wasn’t the end of the world for them. In fact, a decent amount appeared to think Selena looked great regardless.

“She’s put a little bit of weight on, I think she looks fantastic!” was one comment.

With an auto-immune disease and the pressures of being a Hollywood star, this singer seems to handle life remarkably well. Nonetheless, stepping out in a swimsuit should not leave a woman subject to this level of criticism. Gomez remains one of the most body-positive celebrities in Hollywood. Much like Demi Lovato or Bebe Rexha though, it would appear that Selena isn’t immune to body-shaming. Comments also saw Selena called “fat” and “chunky.”