Kim Kardashian & Sisters Pose For Sexy Photo As Fans Order Them From ‘Realist To Fakest’

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Kim Kardashian posted some new photos of herself with her sisters on social media this week, and fans didn’t hold back on the comments.

On Monday, Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself with all of her sisters that was taken last week at Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party.

In the photo, fans can see Kendall Jenner wearing a pair of high-waisted pants and a white shirt with breasts drawn on it. Kourtney Kardashian is next to her sporting a sexy, black tank top and some black denim jeans.

Khloe is in the middle of the group wearing light-colored jeans with holes in them and a pink crop top that shows off her ample cleavage.

Kylie Jenner stands next to the birthday girl wearing a tiny little skirt and a black bra top, which she pairs with an animal-print jacket. Kim is at the end of the group wearing a skintight, light pink dress that hugs all of her curves and shows off her hourglass figure.

All of the sisters are dressed in their own personal style and looking gorgeous. However, fans had a lot of opinions about which sisters seemed to be more fake than others.

“Realist to fakest,” one fan wrote, hinting that Kendall and Kourtney were the most real, with Khloe in the middle, and Kylie and Kim as the fakest of the family.

“I mean look at Kendall. She’s the simplest one,” another fan wrote, adding a heart emoji to show their appreciation of Jenner’s style.

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“I mean, above all u [sic] is Kendall. All the sisters have posed looking one cooler than the other. Meanwhile Kendall simply smiling, I love the simplicity,” a third follower wrote on Kim Kardashian’s post.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kendall Jenner’s style may not be the only thing that sets her apart from her sisters. The supermodel is said to feel differently about settling down and having children than her sisters, all of whom are mothers.

“She’s still young and has her whole life ahead of her and has plenty of time to settle down and get married. Although her sisters all have kids, she doesn’t feel the pressure to follow in their footsteps. Out of all the Kardashian women, I’d say Kendall’s the most independent,” an insider told Life & Style.

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