‘RHONY’ Stars Tinsley Mortimer And Sonja Morgan Get In Fight After Appearing In Pride Parade

Rob KimGetty Images

Tinsley Mortimer and Sonja Morgan appeared in Sunday’s New York City Pride Parade on a float for Bravo network, but things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows. The two stars of the Real Housewives of New York City got into a dramatic argument in the car after the parade ended.

People reports that the reality stars spent the day on the Bravo float with nearly 20 women from the various Housewives franchises. Apparently, things were tense for the stars before they even got to the parade, and the two were fighting over comments that Morgan made about Mortimer’s dead dog. The two kept things civil on the float – despite lots of drinking – by sitting apart from one another, but afterward, things boiled over.

The two got into a car to drive to an after-party, along with Bravo stars Kelly Dodd from the Real Housewives of Orange County, Rez Farahan from Shahs of Sunset, and LeeAnne Locken from the Real Housewives of Dallas. As they traveled together, along with the cameras for the show, they went at each other.

“They were bickering and arguing all morning,” a source revealed. “Mix that with a day of drinking and it’s no surprise it got that bad. I’m surprised they didn’t strangle one another on the float!”

Reportedly, Morgan was upset because she thought Mortimer had said mean things about her to the press.

“Be nice!” Morgan said. “Say thank you for the housekeeper. Hype me as a great friend. Say thank you!”

Dodd captured some of the fight on her cell phone and shared it on her Instagram story, though she deleted it later. Fans captured the battle from Dodd’s story before it was gone, however. In the clip, Mortimer shouts back at Morgan as she explains her fragile emotional state after joining the show shortly after leaving an abusive relationship in 2017.

“You still don’t understand which is so f—ed up,” Mortimer said. “I literally walked in after being abused, mentally and physically by a man, I walked in within a month…”

“It’s not about you!” Morgan interrupted. “Why is it always about her?”

Mortimer shouted back, saying that Morgan’s comment was “bulls**t” before Morgan shot back.

“Did I bring you on the show or what?” Morgan said.

Both Locken and Dodd tried to cool things down between the pair, and Farahan told the women that they needed to keep their argument private.

Morgan and Mortimer have been pals for years, but the two have had a rocky relationship over the past two seasons of the show.