Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio Flaunts Toned Abs In Sexy Bedroom Snap

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Brunette bombshell Sara Sampaio is well-known for her work with GQ, Elle, Vogue and Glamour, but the Portuguese model also has an impressive online following. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star has managed to garner 7.5 million followers on Instagram by sharing snapshots from her life as a famous model. Sampaio posts a variety of photos that include shots from some of her ad campaigns, her makeup and her hair. However, sometimes she shares sexy photos that showcase her enviable figure.

Such was the case on Monday, when the supermodel shared a selfie on a bed wearing a pair of sexy blue panties and a T-shirt rolled up to just beneath her breasts. Sampaio sat on the edge of the bed with one leg folded beneath her and the other leg extending off the bed. With tousled hair and what appeared to be a makeup-free face, the model struck a pose that showed off her extremely toned abs.

From the photo’s caption, the Victoria’s Secret Angel had just woken up in Paris, and fans loved the early-morning snap.

“Paris never looked so good,” one follower said.

Sampaio, 27, was asked about how she kept herself looking so good, and she said said she tries to work out at least twice a week.

“I don’t restrict myself from any food in my diet; I think it’s all about balance,” she told Vogue magazine, adding that she also got lucky in the genetics and metabolism department.

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The stunner also said that hydration was a vital component to her beauty routine.

“When I’m off-duty and don’t have to work, I try not to use any products on my hair or my skin. I just focus on replenishing the moisture and restoring radiance. I’m all about hydration and trying to get as much of that as I possibly can.”

She also said that another aspect of her secret to staying beautiful is sleep. She admitted that while meditation is not really her “thing,” sleeping is, adding that it’s her version of meditation.

“I really love sleeping, I can sleep anywhere, anytime, and I wish I could take a nap everyday,” she said in an interview with Glamour magazine, adding that sleep helps regenerate everything and is her “number one trick” for overall wellness.

She also said that being around people that she loved, laughing and doing silly things that help keep her spirits up are more things she tries to do to keep herself looking and feeling healthy.

“We are always prettier when we are happier,” she told Vogue.