Farrah Abraham Bares Plenty In 'Make Money Not Friends' Swimsuit

Farrah Abraham's latest Instagram update has sent fans a lot. On July 1, the Teen Mom OG star updated her account. An eye-popping video showed the 28-year-old posing in swimwear. While Farrah frequently updates her Instagram in bikinis or one-pieces, today's look offers something different.

The video appeared to be a still image edited to include some movement. Farrah herself appeared still, though. The mother of one seemed to have been filmed inside a clothing store. Given the Dubai geotag and a recent Instagram update from the Mall of the Emirates, Farrah may well have been swimsuit shopping.

Farrah showcased her curves in a hot pink swimsuit. "MAKE MONEY NOT FRIENDS" was written across the front in black lettering. With nothing but a pair of high heels to accessorize the outfit, it seemed that Farrah was out to send Instagram a reminder of her fierce body. She posed with one foot raised and her hand resting on what looked like a digitally-imposed and oversized cash bill. The swimsuit was baring plenty. Alongside Farrah's chest, the one-piece was throwing out the star's curvy hips and legs. Farrah even appeared to be using one hand to pull part of the swimsuit up.

A caption seemed to refer to the swimwear's statement words as Farrah had penned the caption as a reminder.

The video has been racking up views. Over 8,000 were clocked within 30 minutes of the post going live.

"I guess someone has left Teen Mom OG, the show that I started, 16 and Pregnant way back when. I know you guys all want me to have my own show, but I'm really creating and waiting for the right time for that. And maybe it's not yet."