‘Queen Of Curves’ Abigail Ratchford Busts Out Of Minuscule Bikini In Sexy Double Post

Abigail Ratchford knows a thing or two about getting attention. The Instagram sensation is well known for her online presence and her ever-growing social media following. The brunette bombshell has amassed 9.1 million followers on Instagram alone, and one thing the buxom beauty knows how to do is keep those fans coming back for more.

A quick scroll through her Instagram page proves the model likes to showcase her figure in a variety of ways. From tiny bikinis to sexy lingerie, the self-proclaimed “queen of curves” knows how to highlight her best features.

Starting the week out with a bang, Ratchford shared a couple of snaps on Instagram that got many of her fans’ attention. In the photo, the stunner wore a neon yellow bikini that appeared to be two sizes too small. With a full face of makeup including dark brows, smoky eyes, and perfectly lined lips, the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit model gave the camera a sultry look. The bombshell wore a matching shirt loosely around her shoulders as her dark tresses fell in curls to one side. In the second photo, Ratchford looked off to the side with a perfectly pouty mouth.

In the photo’s caption, the 27-year-old model asked fans which photo they preferred. Apparently, it was a tough choice for some, with many claiming the decision was too difficult to make.

“Both? Both is [sic] good,” one fan said.

“1 and 2. It’s a really touch [sic] decision!” another follower said.

“Yellow has never been hotter,” another fan wrote.


When asked about what she eats to help her keep her fabulous figure, Ratchford said it was a mix of things.

“I love green juices and smoothies. Sometimes I’ll put some protein powder in the morning—I feel like the mix of vegetables, and vitamins and stuff that’s in them, really gives me a lot of energy in the morning,” Ratchford said in an interview with Muscle and Fitness magazine.

As far as fitness goes, the beauty likes a variety. She said she used to only do cardio but never saw good results, so she took the advice of some of her girlfriends and started weight training.

“That’s my new thing—I’ve been doing some resistance training, circuit training, and also pilates, I feel like that keeps you long and lean,” the model said.

Her hard work is certainly paying off.


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