Gun Control: Indiana Sheriff’s High-Capactity Magazines Video Goes Viral

high-capacity magazines

Boone County, IN – Indiana Sheriff Ken Campbell’s gun control video about high-capacity magazines has gone viral. In the popular 14-minute instructional video, Sheriff Campbell describes why he feels a magazine ban will not work.

Sheriff Ken Campbell attempts to tries to debunk the Obama administration theory that a high-capacity magazine ban will reduce violent crime. During an interview with The Blaze, the Boone County sheriff had this to say about a magazine ban and saving lives:

“I think it’s a great fallacy to believe that it would. You’ve got a standard capacity versus a 10-round. From a citizen standpoint all we’re doing is making it more difficult for people to defend themselves against bad guys.”

Although Sheriff Campbell noted that he respects Vice President Joe Biden, he called the politician’s recent statements about shotguns “simply silly.” The Indiana sheriff stated that do not fie a shotgun either through a door or into the air. Ken Campbell said, “Where I come from, that’s called a crime.”

A set of statistics shared in the high-capacity magazines viral video describes exactly how a shooter could both quickly and easily obtain and fire 30 rounds. The sheriff interchanges five-, 10-, and 15-round magazines to shoot 30 rounds with each size legally available.

The Boone County also stated his firm belief that a criminal is not at all interested in following regulations, and therefore banning high-capacity magazines defies common sense. Campbell, like many gun rights activists, feels that placing limits on magazine sizes merely decreases a law-abiding person’s ability to protect loved ones.


Perhaps the most insightful portion of the high-capacity magazines viral video centered around the Constitution. Sheriff Ken Campbell stated that the document crafted by the Founding Fathers has “stood its test” for more than 200 and, if it is “left alone” and followed, can do a great job for 200 more.

How do you feel about the proposed high-capacity magazine ban?