Soda Machine Sells Malt Liquor To Teens In Washington, D.C.

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A soda machine in Washington, D.C., has been selling malt liquor to kids.

According to the DCist, a Pepsi machine in the Northeast neighborhood of Trinidad was stocked with malt liquor. Since the machine had no way of checking a person’s age, kids were able to buy the liquor for $3 a pop.

Danielle Bays, the president of the Trinidad Neighborhood Association, wrote in an email:

“The Pepsi machine was in front of a 4-unit apartment and of course no one claimed responsibility for it. It charged $3 for the malt liquor so kids were buying it (cheaper for adults to get at the store). MPD disabled it and were waiting for the property owner to have it removed.”

iDigitalTimes reports that the Pepsi malt liquor vending machine was in place for about four months. Police have made inquiries to the distributor but so far no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility about how the switch was made.

It is illegal to sell alcohol via vending machine in California, but it may not always be that way. Japan, for instance, has several machines that distribute beer and liquor. The United States even has a few legal location for liquor vending machines. Pennsylvania legalized wine “kiosks” in 2010. The Pennsylvania machines scan your driver’s license and require you to take a breathalyzer test before you make your purchase.


The soda machine selling malt liquor in Washington, D.C., didn’t have any of those security measures.

Do you think America needs more liquor vending machines?