Prince Harry Reportedly Putting Meghan Markle In ‘Difficult Position’ Over Archie’s Christening

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Many royal fans are less than thrilled about the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to make Archie’s christening a private affair, allowing only 25 guests to witness the event in the queen’s private chapel and no reporters to take photos of the occasion. Instead, photos will be released after the event to news outlets, and additional photos released on the couple’s Instagram account.

In many ways, it’s not too surprising to learn that Harry and Meghan want to keep the affair out of the public spotlight because they have chosen not to do many things the “royal” way.

However, at least one royal expert has claimed that it is Harry pulling all of the strings, and as a result, he is putting Meghan in a “difficult position” with the decision about Archie’s christening.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said that this latest decision could put Meghan in a tough spot not only with the public but with other members of the royal family.

“I think this is quite Harry-led and it is putting Meghan in a very difficult position,” Seward told The Daily Mail.

“She’s the one getting all the flak as a newcomer to the Royal Family. I assume Harry and Meghan don’t know where they are going wrong and think the criticism is all so very unfair.”

Seward went on to say that she didn’t understand the need for such extreme measures, pondering why Harry and Meghan would not want the world to see their baby.

She also said that the public was becoming weary of the “arty” photos of Archie that have been shared so far.

“I think what people want and what people are used to seeing are lovely family images of the baby in the royal Honiton lace christening gown. They won’t want an arty Instagram shot of Archie’s foot three days later,” she said, referring to the Mother’s Day photo that the royal couple shared on Instagram.

The couple is already facing criticism for the costly renovations they made to Frogmore Cottage at the expense of the taxpayer. The notion of taxpayers footing the bill for a private christening is only going to make matters worse for the couple.

Labour MP Luke Pollard said the royals can’t “have it both ways,” adding if Harry and Meghan wanted to spend the public’s money, the public should be allowed to see what they are paying for.