Hugo Chavez Near Death: Venezuelans Hopeful, But Who Will Replace Chavez?

Patrick Frye

Battling cancer has put Hugo Chavez near death. Venezuelans believe their president will return to power, but some are doubtful, starting speculation on who might replace a dead Hugo Chavez.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Venezuela's vice president, Nicolas Maduro, stated on television on Tuesday that Chavez "is battling there for his health, for his life, and we're accompanying him." Hugo Chavez has battled cancer since June 2011, undergoing four surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments for the cancer, which is believed to be in his pelvis. It's so bad that reports spread rumors that Hugo Chavez was dead.

According to the Associated Press, "a recent poll says nearly three in five Venezuelans believe their president will return to power" even though Hugo Chavez is near death, breathing only with the help of a tracheal tube after surviving a serious respiratory. Respected pollster Luis Vicente Leon says nearly 58 percent of Venezuelans believe Chavez will recover while about 30 percent believe he will not return to power and 12.5 percent say they don't know what will happen:

"The president's prolonged absence and his critical situation have not been converted into massive pessimism about his return."
"The Venezuelan constitution, in its article 233, establishes that, if an acting president dies, or is declared incapacitated, the vice president is sworn as interim president. If a president-elect dies or is declared incapacitated and unable to be sworn in, the National Assembly president would temporarily take charge of the government. In both cases a new presidential vote must be called within 30 days."

With Hugo Chavez near death from cancer, Venezuela will probably see a new leader soon. If Hugo Chavez dies, who do you think Venezuela should choose?