Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘Skeletal’ Bikini Pic Sparks Worry: She Looks ‘Malnourished’

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Emily Ratajkowski has fans worried. The supermodel recently posted an Instagram picture of herself in a tiny orange bikini. The photo (seen below) showed this willowy-limbed 28-year-old reclining against a car during a European vacation.

Fans definitely picked up on the brunette’s beauty, but they likewise seem to have noticed her incredibly slender frame. One of the most-liked comments suggested that EmRata needs to eat more.

“She need [sic] like 10 hamburgers,” one fan wrote.

This sensation’s Instagram updates don’t just get picked up on by her followers. Emily’s orange bikini update made The Daily Mail’s headlines on June 30. Individuals responding here expressed major concern. One user appearing to be based in The Netherlands left their thoughts.

“She looks way too thin here. She’s naturally thin but it’s too skeletal.”

The thought seemed echoed by a Brit’s comment.

“She looks ill, malnourished. It’s a sad commentary on modern society that she makes a fortune polluting the planet flying around to produce these horrid pictures,” they wrote.

While the latter half of the comment seems to be voicing personal dislike for Emily, the first does appear worried that Emily might be too underweight. A separate user likened Ratajkowski to a “famine victim” alongside stating that gaining a few pounds would do the model no harm.

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This isn’t the first time that Emily’s weight has sparked concern. As The Inquisitr reported in May, Emily’s 2019 Met Gala appearance launched similar comments. The model’s appearance at the annual fashion event had shown off her muscles, but the cut-out silver gown was likewise throwing out visible ribs.

Other comments to Emily’s recent bikini picture included mentions of a “sunken stomach” and the model looking “emaciated.”

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“Her lower abdomen is so concave and has no fat” was another remark.

The stereotype that supermodels starve themselves may be slowly changing, but it’s alive and well. The heroin chic look made popular by Kate Moss in the 1990s has progressed – curvier models such as Blac Chyna and Jordyn Woods have ushered in a new look – but high fashion remains dominated by thin women. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are both super-slim. That said, both seem healthy and have their curves.

Emily has opened up about what she eats. Per her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, EmRata is a huge fan of pastries. In fact, they’re a daily deal with her morning coffee. Emily also adores Italian food. Emily’s frame is likely a natural result of genetics. That said, it looks like her latest social media update has a fair few people worried.