Dr. Seuss 109th Birthday Celebrated With Parties, Seuss App Sale

Dr Seuss 109th Birthday Celebrated With Parties, Seuss App Sale

Dr. Seuss is having his 109th birthday on Saturday celebrated all over the world. Dr. Seuss is the famous writer of children’s stories like Cat In The Hat.

Dr. Seuss day has many groups all over celebrating with parties and celebrations of different types. According to The Republican, “the nonprofit group Historic Classical will honor his memory with a program of speakers and an exhibit of Seuss-related artifacts. It comes at the same time the Springfield Museums, home to the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Garden, plans a daylong celebration of all things Seuss.”

The Dr. Seuss birthday will also mark a Dr. Seuss mobile app sale. According to Yahoo News, Michel Kripalani, president of Oceanhouse Media, says Dr Seuss apps like The Cat in the Hat will drop from $3.99 down to 99 cents:

“We’re delighted to tip our hats to Dr. Seuss and say ‘Happy Birthday’ with a huge app sale. Dr. Seuss fans look forward to this time of year as a great opportunity to expand their Dr. Seuss digital library. Plus, now all iOS versions of our Dr. Seuss book apps include a fantastic record and share feature that lets you be the narrator of your favorite Dr. Seuss story and then share your reading with friends and loved ones.”

The Star reports that Dr Seuss, or Dr. Theor Seuss Geisel, came up with the pen name “Dr. Seuss” “after he was caught drinking in his room at Dartmouth College and was banned from extra-curricular activities.” Around 30 publishers rejected his first children’s book And to Think that I Saw It on Mulberry Street, which features the real life town of Springfield near where he grew up. The famous characters of the Seuss stories actually first found life in political cartoons that spoke against the influence of Nazi Germany.

Dr. Seuss made a point of not beginning the writing of his stories with a moral in mind because “kids can see a moral coming a mile off.” Cat in the Hat was written for a challenge that required writers “to use only 250 words that were important for first-graders to recognize. Seuss used 236 words to complete the book.” Dr. Seuss never had children of his own. When asked why, he said, “You have ’em. I’ll entertain ’em.”

How are you celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss?