‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers & Rumors: Hannah Brown Contestant Peter Weber Reportedly Has Ex-Girlfriend Drama

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Hannah Brown kicked out one suitor for having a girlfriend at home during the very first night of filming The Bachelorette. Lately, spoilers about other guys with recent relationships are starting to cause a lot of fresh chaos. The latest rumors to make the rounds involve frontrunner Peter Weber, the pilot who has had Hannah’s heart racing.

Spoiler king Reality Steve recently dished out the details he knows about this alleged situation. Recently, Peter did tell Hannah that he had been in a serious relationship at one point, but that it ended when it became clear it just wasn’t meant to be.

Peter didn’t share much more than that, and Hannah didn’t ask for additional details, but it seems perhaps she should have. The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve says that Peter reportedly was dating someone right before joining Hannah’s cast. Weber supposedly dumped the girlfriend once he knew he was joining Brown’s season.

Reality Steve says that he has been in communication with this ex-girlfriend of Peter’s. She apparently even did an interview with the spoiler king, but she asked him not to run with it after she saw how much pushback another contestant’s ex-girlfriend has been getting in public.

While she did not want to go public, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that what he has seen from this gal shows that her relationship and the timeline for Peter joining The Bachelorette did overlap.

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Jumping through the Swiss Alps

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In fact, Peter seemingly took this girlfriend to Switzerland for a vacation just a few weeks before suddenly breaking things off via text when he got a Bachelorette spot late last year. Reality Steve says this trip was in November, and Weber does have a photo on his Instagram page showing him in Switzerland last November.

There have been rumblings about this all across social media. For example, posts have popped up on both Reddit and Twitter showing social media posts from people who claim to know the gal involved. In one, a gal noted that her friend and Peter had been together for a year before Weber ghosted her to do Brown’s season.

While this doesn’t necessarily reflect positively on Peter, it isn’t exactly the same as what has emerged about another frontrunner. The Inquisitr detailed that Jed Wyatt was allegedly still with girlfriend Haley Stevens as he arrived in Los Angeles to begin filming Hannah’s season. He then supposedly ghosted her after initially promising they’d pick up where they left off once he returned to Nashville.

Those who follow The Bachelorette spoilers also see a difference between Peter and Jed’s situations due to how Hannah’s season supposedly ends. Many fans have been rooting for Weber to be the next Bachelor lead if he doesn’t get Brown’s final rose. Could these rumors have any impact on that possibility?

The Bachelorette spoilers hint that the sparks will continue to fly between Hannah Brown and Peter Weber on-screen for a while yet. Will this supposed drama related to his ex-girlfriend have any impact on his relationship with Hannah or his future within the franchise? Fans still have a lot of chaos to look forward to over the next few weeks and it sounds as if it’s going to be a wild ride to the finish line.