‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Jason And Sam Reconnect, Cameron Is Unsteady, And Harmony Gets A Visitor

Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton portray Sam and Jason on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 1 tease that there is going to be a lot of chaos playing out in Port Charles. Jason and Sam may have some happy, tender moments together, but that may not be the case for others like Brad and Lucas, or Chase and Willow.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam and Jason will reconnect during Monday’s show. While Dawn of Day and Shiloh are not out of the picture yet, Jason and Sam don’t have to hide their relationship any longer, and he has even moved back into the penthouse. The two will spend some quality time together this coming week, but they’ll still be drawn into chaos elsewhere.

Willow is currently behind bars, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Chase will be quite worried about her. He will plead her case with Mac, which might help, and he will lean on his brother, Finn, for support.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Cameron will be struggling in some way this week as well. Franco will be worried about the teen during Wednesday’s episode, and Soap Central details that Cam will be feeling unsure of himself for some reason.

Josslyn gets an invitation of some sort soon, and viewers already see a romantic triangle on the horizon between Dev, Joss, and Cam. Viewers will also see some action involving both T.J. and Curtis. General Hospital spoilers reveal that T.J. will do a DNA search and he’ll quickly have news to share. In addition, Curtis will be following through on a commitment he made.

Alexis is going to be facing a surprise of some sort that throws her off-balance. In addition, it seems that Kristina will ask Neil to do some sessions involving Krissy and Alexis to see if their relationship can be mended after all the troubles they’ve had.


During Friday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers tease that someone will visit Harmony. Will this be Willow, anxious to confront her mother about whether she knew about Shiloh’s plan for her father?

Or, could this be Shiloh, ready to boast about what he’s learned about his son? Viewers also have a hunch that there’s more to come with Nelle and Harmony together as well, so this visit could be an intriguing one.

Viewers will also be seeing core characters like Laura, Mac, Robert, Bobbie, and Scott in the week ahead, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that they will all be getting some solid screen time in the coming days. There is no new episode airing on July 4, but the rest of the week will contain a lot of action, according to the latest spoilers.