‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ Star Tamica Lee Says She & Reagan Are ‘Working On Things’

SOUTHERN CHARM NEW ORLEANS -- Pictured: Tamica Lee --
Tyler Kaufman / NBC Universal

Southern Charm New Orleans is back on Bravo tonight, and a major storyline surrounds the long-term friendship of stars Tamica Lee and Reagan Charleston.

Cheat Sheet reports that their friendship took a serious hit when Tamica was left in the dark when Reagan got divorced, got engaged, and got pregnant all in one week, leaving the cast in shock.

Lee is known for being outspoken, and she says that while she and Reagan are still working to repair their relationship, they are on the path, saying that every relationship has its ups and downs.

“I think every relationship and every friendship at the beginning is completely different at the end.”

Tamica explains that the ladies had been friends for eight years, so she was blindsided when Charleston announced that her divorce from Jeff was final and that in the same week, she announced that she was going to marry her college boyfriend, Reece Thomas.

Tamica looked shocked that she found out at the same time as everyone else, which made her rethink the idea that they were best friends.

“I’m finding out with everybody else, which is interesting. I don’t like it.”

Lee admits that she was hurt to be left out of the loop, and then even more annoyed when she had to ask Reagan if she was pregnant.

But Lee says a lot was healed when she first met Reagan’s first child, baby Reece, who was born on June 12.

“The minute I laid eyes on little Reece, I fell in love.”


But in terms of the status of the best friends, Tamica says it’s a wait and see kind of thing, and they are “working on it.”

Beyond Tamica and the cast of Southern Charm New Orleans, fans were really surprised at how much had changed from the first season of the show to the second.

The Inquisitr reported in December that Reagan Charleston had moved on from first husband Jeff to second husband Reece, and was pregnant at the time of her second wedding.

Charleston and the cast of the show kept things under wraps, not mentioning a word until the show aired. Reagan intentionally did not post recent full body photos for months until the show premiered, but by the time the third episode aired, the secret was out, as things seemed to be moving fast for both Reagan and her ex-husband, Jeff, who also learned about the new situation along with the rest of the cast.