’90 Day Fiancé’: Ashley Martson Throws Fire Extinguisher Through Jay Smith’s Window

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith attending an event during New York Fashion Week.
John Lamparski / Getty Images

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s relationship has been tumultuous from the beginning, and now it seems things have taken a disastrous turn, according to a report from Starcasm.

The couple met while Martson was on vacation in Jamaica and Smith later reached out to the mother-of-two on social media. After chatting online for a while, Martson went to see Smith again and after a few days together, the Jamaican tattoo artist proposed marriage. The couple then decided to apply for the K-1 visa, in order to bring Smith to the United States. Smith’s visa was approved and the couple married within the given 90-day period.

Martson and Smith struggled in the beginning of their relationship. Days after their wedding, Martson discovered that Smith had been entertaining other women online via dating apps, including Tinder. The couple managed to overcome the hiccup in their relationship but their moment of peace was quickly dashed when Martson learned that Smith had cheated on her again, this time with one of his tattoo clients.

During a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? viewers watched as Martson processed the news of infidelity and immediately returned home to pack Smith’s things into large garbage bags. While packing, she heard Smith enter the house and she finally confronted him face-to-face. The confrontation ended with the police being called but no one was charged at the time.

Martson has since filed for divorce and now claims Smith will be deported on August 7, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

And now, the exes are locked in a heated battled.

During an interview with reality TV blogger, John Yates, both Smith and Martson opened up about an incident that led to Martson being charged.

Smith said he “was chilling with his friends and two girls was over” when he heard a knock at his front door. He said he went to check the peephole but the person had covered the hole, blocking his vision.

“He said he didn’t open the door because he wasn’t expecting anyone and couldn’t see who was outside. Then Jay says, a ‘fire extinguisher f**king smashed through my window and f**king hit my friend in the head — it was f**king Ashley,'” Soap Dirt outlined.

Yates later connected with Martson, who confirmed the story.

“Yes, I had been drinking,” she admitted, before saying she heard someone inform Smith of her presence.

Martson said she heard women giggling and that’s when she lost it.

“I took the fire extinguisher off the wall and smashed it into the window,” she explained. “Jay called the police on me and I got charged.”

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