June 30, 2019
Couple Holds Their Wedding In A Hospital Room To Cheer Up Groom's Elderly Grandmother

Sky Howard and Clay Cameron are a loving couple that met on New Year's day of 2015. When they first became engaged, they were ecstatic to plan the wedding ceremony. They set the date for December 31, 2019, giving them plenty of time to prepare and get every last detail perfect.

But six months before the couple was expected to tie the knot, something happened that flipped all their plans upside down. Cameron's 100-year-old grandmother, Charlotte Bussard, was hospitalized, according to Today.

Bussard, who the couple knew simply as "Granny" was always at every major event that took place involving the family. It didn't matter if it was a wedding, graduation, or birth, she was always there to offer her support. Now, she was confined to a hospital bed and they knew her health was beginning to decline. She wasn't her usual upbeat self and they didn't know how much longer she'd be around.

The couple couldn't imagine Bussard not being there to watch them get married, after all they'd been keeping her updated about the wedding planning throughout the whole process and knew how excited she'd been about it. Thus, they altered their plans a little bit and decided to move their wedding date up.

Howard explained the reasoning behind their decision.

"When her health started to decline, we got worried. She quit eating. She wasn't drinking. She wasn't talkative. We had been talking to her about it for six months, so we decided we better pull something together."
On May 29, Howard put on her beautiful lace wedding dress and Cameron put on his suit jacket. Then they headed off to Hemphill County Hospital in Hemphill County, Texas, to surprise their beloved Granny.
It was there, in her tiny hospital room, that they held an intimate wedding ceremony that Bussard got to witness firsthand. The touching photos from the ceremony show Howard and Cameron holding Bussard's hands. The elderly lady is pictured attentively taking in the ceremony.

Howard recalls Bussard's excitement at having the opportunity to watch them get married. The couple is relieved that they were able to pull this special moment together so quickly.

"(Granny) was super content. The hospital staff helped dress her. She was sitting up in bed and had her hand close to her chest and was smiling and taking it all in."
To make this story even happier, Bussard has since been moved out of the hospital and into an assisted living facility, as she is doing better.