Kylie Jenner’s ‘Sickening’ Selfie Takes Unexpected Turn: ‘This Video Got Me Pregnant’

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Kylie Jenner’s June 29 selfie appears to have taken an unexpected turn. Late last night, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram. The video didn’t seem out of the ordinary for this billionaire. It showed the 21-year-old posing in her bathroom and showcasing her sizzling curves in a skin-tight dress with matching gloves.

The super-sexy display received its usual share of comments. Fans pointed out how “curvy” Kylie looked alongside congratulating her on her financial success.

A British fashion designer and illustrator responded to the selfie footage. His comment received over 120 likes.

“Sickening,” he wrote.

Given that an alien emoji followed the words, it can be assumed that Hayden meant the words positively, referring to something as “sick” is now commonplace as suggesting something is awesome.

Words from YouTuber Bella Thorne’s ex-girlfriend seems to have risen to the top of the comments, though.

“This video got me pregnant,” Tana wrote.

The comment racked up over 6,400 likes. It also launched over 140 replies. Clearly, Kylie’s sizzling display proved steamy enough for Tana to make a pregnancy-related joke. Tana’s comment appeared to generate agreement, per one fan’s comment.

“@tanamongeau I think I got pregnant too and I didn’t know it was possible”

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Another user appeared to agree.

“For real,” they wrote.

Tana’s words come at a sensitive time for Kylie. This mother of one has recently faced a swarm of pregnancy rumors. Footage of Khloe Kardashian’s recent 35th birthday party went viral last week after a voice in the background appeared to announce being pregnant. Fans interpreted the unidentified individual to be Kylie. As E! News reports, the rumors have been shut down. Kylie is not pregnant.

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my real life bestie ????‍♀️

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Kylie’s racy outfit last night didn’t just throw Instagram a reality icon in a tight dress. Photos posted to Kylie’s account revealed the look to be a twinning one. Kylie’s 17-month-old daughter Stormi was seen matching her mother in an outfit made from the same material. The two posed in an adorable selfie (seen above).

Stormi regularly appears on her mother’s Instagram. Whether it’s in swimming pools or simply at home, Stormi does seem to be a huge part of Kylie’s life. This famous baby receives plenty of love from her father too, though. Kylie shares Stormi with rapper Travis Scott.

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baby girl????????

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Fans may not have been expecting Tana’s comment, but it’s proven staggeringly popular. Popularity is, in itself, applicable to Kylie overall. Kylie has 139 million Instagram followers. Her selfie video had racked up 11 million views within 18 hours of going live.