June 30, 2019
Photo Of A Dog Patiently Waiting By The Hospital Bed Of His Deceased Owner Goes Viral

Earlier this month, there was a photograph of a dog that made its way through social media and touched quite a few hearts. The dog, who's name is Moose, was pictured sitting alongside his owner's hospital bed. He looks on patiently, waiting for his owner to come home. What he doesn't realize is that his owner has passed away. The photograph, as heartbreaking as it may be, was loved by many because it showed the true loyalty of a dog to his owner. In the weeks following the release of the photo online, there was a happy update to the story, according to Today.

There is a bit of a backstory regarding this particular photo. It was originally released on June 17 by Eleventh Hour Rescue, a non-profit rescue organization based in New Jersey. In the initial Facebook post, the organization explained that it was the caretaker of Moose's owner who snapped the picture. She saw the dog waiting dutifully by his owner's bedside, unaware that his owner wouldn't ever be coming home. She tried to console the dog, but Moose was content to continue waiting.

"Moose saw that his owner wasn't in the hospital bed and was waiting for him to come home. She tried to console him as best as she could, but she couldn't, so she gave him back to us," the post read.

Thus, Moose was taken back to the shelter where his owner got him from in the first place. It didn't take Eleventh Hour Rescue long at all to find him a good new home. The photo made its rounds through social media and before long there were plenty of suitable candidates coming forward to adopt the dog who had showed such love and loyalty.

The family that got to adopt Moose filed the paperwork on June 22. They had recently lost their own beloved pet of 14 years and were looking for a new furry friend to become a member of their family. When they saw a photo of Moose online they couldn't help but fall in love along with everyone else.

Eleventh Hour Rescue recently updated its original post on Facebook to share the happy news.

"MOOSE HAS BEEN ADOPTED by a wonderful family who will care for and love him for the rest of his life! Here is Moose pictured with his new human siblings (Mom & Dad were a bit camera shy). Thank you again to everyone who shared his story!"