Miley Cyrus Lifts Up Shirt, Grabs Crotch In Scandalous Latex Display

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Miley Cyrus is currently in the U.K., as the She is Coming singer is performing at the country’s annual Glastonbury Festival. As The Daily Mail reports on June 30, Miley’s stage appearance formed part of Glastonbury’s “debut.” The singer’s stage display hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Photos obtained by The Daily Mail showed the 26-year-old taking to the stage with full force. They also showed the singer putting on quite the scandalous display. With a mic in one hand, Miley was snapped grabbing her crotch and making suggestive facial expressions. A separate moment saw the star lift her crop top, with Miley’s breast stated to be “partially [exposed].” She upped the ante with some microphone grinding and camera licking.

While the singer may be known for her sexually charged stage moves, she is equally known for her style. Miley appeared to have gone all-out with her outfit. Her black latex pants were accessorized with a belt from Italian designer Gucci, and chain jewelry from French designers Chanel and Dior continued the high-end feel.

The overall look didn’t come off as too high-brow. With a simple white crop top matching the pants and a flat-capped hat in glossy black, Miley’s look was more rock star than Kardashian. The singer was also seen wearing dark shades and buckled black-and-gold boots that rose above the knee.

Miley’s music has proven somewhat explosive this year. Her 2019 EP, She is Coming, has been well-received. It includes a track called “Mother’s Daughter” that centers around power, feminine strength, and where Miley feels her strength comes from. The song’s hook is particularly empowering.

“So-so, so don’t f*ck with my freedom, I came back to get me some, I’m nasty, I’m evil, Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter.”

A freedom-related hashtag was used by Miley earlier this month following a harrowing groping incident. The singer was making her way through a crowd in Barcelona, Spain, when a male fan attempted to grab and kiss her. As BBC reports, Miley took to social media to respond to the incident, stating that she “can’t be grabbed.” She used the hashtag formed of her own lyrics.

Miley Cyrus seemed in her element during her Glastonbury performance. The stage show was definitely on the adult side, but it seemed to harness Miley’s personality at its most authentic.

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