Hannah Palmer Washes Car In Soaking Wet Bikini, Appears To Give Fan A ‘Heart Attack’

Hannah PalmerInstagram

Hannah Palmer’s latest Instagram update appears to have caused a major stir. The Maxim model has taken to the platform in her signature bikini, but June 30 is offering more than just swimwear.

Earlier today, the Arizona-based bombshell updated her account. A very raunchy video showed the blonde washing a Rolls Royce in nothing but a white string bikini. Hannah’s dripping wet body was on full display. The camera had taken in her long toned legs, curvy waist, and all-around sensational tan. Likewise manifesting was the model’s ample cleavage. With thonged briefs flashing a peachy rear and varied angles displaying the body on show, this update seemed to be ticking a lot of boxes for Hannah’s fans.

The video has likely proven popular on account of Hannah’s activity. The model was seen attending to the blue vehicle with a sopping wet and soapy sponge. Hannah had also sent her fans direct eye contact. Likewise included was the video’s aim – promoting Bang Energy. While the camera mostly focused on the beautiful model nailing her car-washing task, it did include a can of the beverage. Hannah was seen sipping from it.

Talk in the comments section seems less about Bang Energy and more about Hannah. One fan threw out a bold statement.

“If you reply to me I will have a heart attack”

The fan likely wasn’t expecting a response, but Hannah replied with the individual’s Instagram handle. She also added an alien emoji. The lucky individual seemed floored.

“@hannah_cpalmer ohh myyyy gooddddd,” they replied.

Fortunately, it would seem that the suggested cardiac malfunction was an exaggeration. That said, the user in question did state in black-and-white that a response would come with the above-mentioned consequences. Hannah’s reply seems to have brought the user joy, though. It also appeared to launch some humor.

“You just voluntarily kill [sic] that man,” another fan wrote with an alien emoji.

Hannah appears to have responded to a few individuals today. One fan “bet” that the model wouldn’t respond to his comment. She did.

As one of Instagram’s fastest-rising models, Hannah is loved for her sizzling curves, girly charm, and fierce beauty. Her blue eyes and blonde hair might not be unique, but her piercing stare and innocent features are. That said, this account errs on the NSFW side. Hannah’s fans don’t seem to mind, though.

Today’s video proved popular. It had racked up over 41,000 views within one hour of going live. Hannah has 742,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Hannah should follow her account.