Lyssa Chapman Shares Heartbreaking Post About Stepmom Beth, Asks To Be Woken From ‘This Awful Dream’

Jason MerrittGetty Images

It’s been less than a week since the passing of Beth Chapman, and the reality star’s family is still in disbelief. Beth could not overcome her battle with throat cancer, which she had been dealing with for years. In her second bout with the disease, the famed bounty hunter decided to forego chemotherapy and rely on her faith to get her through it, but she eventually succumbed to cancer this past Wednesday.

Beth’s stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, has been very vocal about losing the family’s matriarch on social media. Despite having a recent feud play out online, Lyssa has realized the true value of Beth in her life and put all the pettiness behind her. In the 32-year-old’s most recent Instagram post, she shared an image from Beth’s Hawaiian memorial service yesterday and wrote a very emotional caption to accompany it.

The new post contained an image of Lyssa’s father and Beth’s husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman. Dog was walking hand-in-hand with a young blonde child, suspected to be Lyssa’s daughter, Madalynn Grace. A walkway was created for Dog by a large group of mourners on the Waikiki Beach Walk. The bounty hunter was sporting light-washed jeans and a white shirt.

In the caption, Lyssa said she wanted to be woken up from “this awful dream,” and noted that she was still in disbelief about losing Beth. Lyssa had been very supportive of Beth while she was in her medically-induced coma earlier this week, and commented on Twitter that she was by her stepmother’s side. She encouraged the matriarch to keep fighting in a tweet and spoke out the day she passed.

“Beth we love you,” Lyssa tweeted while sharing Dog’s post about Beth’s passing.

Lyssa has also changed her Twitter profile picture to a selfie of her and Beth. Yesterday’s memorial service was organized in part by Lyssa, who created a public Facebook event on the social media platform encouraging anyone and everyone to come.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the memorial for Beth was beautiful, as hundreds gathered to give her one last Aloha in a paddle-out on Waikiki Beach where ocean-friendly flowers were released to remember her.

Lyssa shared the same photo of Dog and her daughter to her Instagram story last night, as well as a shot from the paddle-out that was taken by a friend.

A second memorial for Beth is being planned in Colorado, and details will be revealed by Dog when they are solidified.