Ivanka Trump Mocked For Viral Video Showing Her Awkwardly Trying To Jump Into Conversation With World Leaders

Ivanka Trump with her father in South Korea.
South Korean Presidential Blue House / Getty Images

Ivanka Trump’s visit to the G20 Summit went from bad to worse this weekend when a viral video showed her awkwardly trying to jump into a conversation with world leaders, leading to a new round of mockery for President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter.

Ivanka had come under scrutiny for tagging along with her father to the meeting of world leaders, which this year was held in Japan. Many said she was unqualified, having held no previous experience in diplomacy, government, or foreign relations of any kind.

The criticism turned to mockery when a video emerged showing Ivanka Trump standing around a group of world leaders and trying awkwardly to jump into their conversation. As Slate noted, the duly elected world leaders and the head of the International Monetary Fund didn’t exactly look pleased to have President Donald Trump’s daughter trying to jump in.

“The video shows a moment when Ivanka Trump appeared to try to get involved in a conversation between Justin Trudeau of Canada, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May of the United Kingdom, and [IMF chief Christine Lagarde],” the report noted. “And while no one actually says anything, some of the faces seem to make it clear that the first daughter’s input isn’t exactly welcome. Plus their body language speaks volumes as none of the world leaders seem to make any effort to make her feel included in their circle.”

There were plenty of opinions about the video, and most were not good for Ivanka Trump. A number of people shared the video while mocking her, with many pointing out that it was actually released by the French government in what appeared to them to be an attempt to embarrass Ivanka.

Others criticized Donald Trump for bringing along his daughter, who was also given a top White House adviser post despite having no qualifications and a background only as the head of a handbag design company. Trump has elevated both Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, to key posts only because of their relationships to him, critics claim. Kushner has been put in charges of a series of key initiatives, like addressing the opioid crisis, with no discernible progress on any of them.


Ivanka Trump later followed her dad on his next leg of the trip, which took him first to South Korea and then to North Korea, making him the first American president to set foot there. Trump had another meeting planned with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, though it was not clear if Ivanka was invited into the conversation.