Mindy Kaling Flaunts Legs In Rainbow Mini Dress For Pride

Rich FuryGetty Images

Many celebrities have been showing their support for Pride festivities on Instagram lately. Actress, writer, and producer Mindy Kaling became the latest to join the cause, sharing a stunning selfie of herself in a very Pride-appropriate dress.

In the photo, Kaling is standing between two large columns with a huge smile on her face, along with a bold lip color to brighten things up. The dress itself is a work of art. It’s a sequinned dress featuring different colors in the form of rainbow stripes, and it hugs her figure perfectly. The look is majorly sexy, and she’s amped up the sultriness by wearing it with a pair of whimsical, pointed-toe stiletto heels.

Kaling has always been outspoken about the causes she supports, from including more diversity and women of color in the industry, to supporting everyone’s right to marriage. She included a prompt for her followers in the caption, encouraging them to share their own stories of how they’ve celebrated Pride month.

As with any kind of post that deals with potentially controversial subject matter, Kaling had a few haters in the comments, including one who remarked “1 less follower.”

However, most of the comments were overwhelmingly positive, and there were even a few celebrities who shared their love.

Queer Eye star Tan France commented an enthusiastic “YES ALLY LOVE!”

One of Kaling’s latest projects is the movie Late Night, where she stars alongside veteran actress Emma Thompson. In a profile that the magazine VanityFair did on Kaling, her costar shared some love about Kaling and the project in general.

“The script was witty, politically savvy without being pious, sharp as a tack and a lot about me. She’s cool, calm and deeply professional, and one of the hardest-working people I know. She also makes me laugh on at least an hourly basis, which is rare because the frightful state of the world today has had a baleful effect upon my sense of humor.”

Kaling has somehow managed to find a way to balance her role as a new single mom with her continually thriving career. While she tries to protect her daughter Kit’s privacy as much as she can, she does occasionally share a glimpse into the life of “mom” Mindy with her followers. After all, crafting snacks for her daughter is as much of a part of her life now as putting together scripts and working on projects.