‘Big Brother 21:’ Twitter Has Named Its Villain For The Season

Monty BrintonCBS

Note: This article is spoiler-free.

The houseguests on Season 21 of Big Brother have been living together for well over a week now, and it’s just about the time that live feeds watchers start picking their favorite and least favorite players. Anyone who has been glued to the #BB21 trend on Twitter will know that there is a general consensus among the most-hated player in the game right now who is being dubbed as the season’s villain.

All fingers on Twitter are pointing to Jason Momoa-lookalike Jack Matthews as the most-hated player in the game. Jack seemed to be a favorite amongst viewers during the two-part premiere last Tuesday and Wednesday, but that has quickly changed now that a few extra days of live feeds are under everyone’s belt. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jack recently made a comment attacking the character of BB20 player, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry.

Jack was caught on the live feeds saying he was happy no one in his cast resembled Rockstar’s personality because he would “lose his mind.” Compared to other things Jack has been caught saying recently, his diss at Rockstar was rather G-Rated.

In a video which has been shared to Twitter from fans, Jack pretends to have a nice conversation with houseguest Ovi Kabir and compliments him by telling him he looks “swole.”

Ovi thanked Jack for the compliment and then went outside. As soon as the door was shut, Jack looked to fellow houseguest Nick Maccarone and murmured “douche.”

Jack is giving fans a Regina George vibe by paying compliments to people but then trashing them behind their backs.

Jack Matthews competes on Big Brother
Jack MatthewsFeatured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

One of the biggest reason’s BB viewers are hating on Jack is because of a recent conversation he had with Kathryn Dunn. Jack uses intimidation to get answers out of the blonde beauty, and she is noticeably intimidated. A live feeds viewer shared conversation of the video in a tweet, and Jack is being labeled aggressive by fans.

The #BB21 feed is full of negative tweets about Jack, many of which contain a whole lot of profanity. BB legend Evel Dick has even noticed the turn on Jack and sent out a tweet regarding the show’s fandom.

Last season, fans turned on Winston Hines after adoring him for being so good-looking. It took live feeders half the time to turn on Jack, making him one of the most-hated players in recent seasons. It’s possible he could be one of the players to leave the house who gets booed when he walks out the door to meet Julie Chen.

Big Brother airs tonight, Tuesday, and Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST.