Ashley Graham’s Sleeping Pill Ad Gets Slammed On Instagram: ‘You’re Better Than This’

Ashley Graham attends the PrettyLittleThing x Ashley Graham Event at Delilah in 2018.
Greg Doherty / Getty Images

Ashley Graham came under some serious fire following one of her recent Instagram posts. On Thursday, the bubbly plus-size model and body positivity advocate took to the popular social media platform to share a promotional snap taken for OLLY Nutrition, a premium wellbeing business that sells vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

The photo in question saw Ashley endorse the brand’s Beauty Sleep vitamins as her go-to dietary supplement when it comes to self-care and “not compromising” on sleep.

To promote the product, the celebrated Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model posed sitting on a freshly made bed with a jar of OLLY’s Beauty Sleep vitamins in hand, as recently covered by The Inquisitr. Rocking a cleavage-flaunting black negligee, Ashley pretended to munch on a gummy tablet as she flashed a beaming smile at the camera.

While this was not the first time that Ashley has collaborated with OLLY – the model previously endorsed the label’s Daily Energy vitamins on Instagram, per another report from The Inquisitr – her social media followers were left unimpressed by her post.

In fact, many of Ashley fans chastised the curvy model for promoting the product. As soon as her post went live, people flocked to the comments section to verbalize their disapproval, branding Ashley as a “sell out.”

“you’re better than this,” wrote one of her Instagram followers under Ashley’s post.

“I thought you were cool,” read a second comment left on the promotional photo.

While some expressed their disbelief that Ashley actually uses the sleeping pills, as she claimed in the caption of her post, others slammed the model as “irresponsible” for endorsing the product without specifying its ingredients and potential side effects.

“If you dont [sic] consume it please dont [sic] recommend it just for some bucks [sic] sake,” penned one of her Instagram followers in response to her post.

One person urged Ashley to “please be more informative,” noting that “you owe it to the people who age [sic] easily influenced by you.” However, others were even harsher in their reaction and proceeded to castigate the model for endorsing the sleeping pills.

“Just lost a little respect for you for doing this tasteless shiz [sic]. Smh.”

One fan in particular appeared to be so offended by Ashley’s post that they decided to unfollow the curvaceous model on Instagram.

“Unfollowed (not that you’d care) but promoting things you’re not willing to put into your own body & influencing young people to buy these ain’t [sic] good,” they wrote in a lengthy message, one that listed the same reasons cited in many other negative reactions as well.

Ashley’s paid ad for OLLY was met with numerous criticisms by her massive Instagram following. Among the flurry of berating comments that quickly amassed under her post was one message that called her out for trying to emulate the Kardashians in their attempt to peddle dietary supplements for financial gain.

“Advertising this crap isnt [sic] something I expected from you. No doubt you don’t have these in your day. Stop trying to be Kardashians especially when we all called them out on BS.”

In fact, one Instagram user even tagged actress Jameela Jamil in Ashley’s post, asking her to step in and contribute to the conversation. As The Inquisitr previously reported, The Good Place actress is a known advocate against dietary supplements – in particular, weight loss products – that are falsely advertised on social media, and is often called upon to weigh in similar situations. As many of her fans will remember, the actress recently blasted Khloe Kardashian for promoting the “Flat Tummy” meal replacement shake on Instagram – specifically, for crediting the product for her enviable figure, without breathing a word about the effort she puts into exercising and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Although a large number of Ashley’s Instagram followers didn’t take kindly to her endorsement of OLLY’s sleeping pills, not everyone was as critical of the acclaimed Sports Illustrated model. Some people were considerably less vitriolic in their reactions, despite not condoning the ad.

“You need to mark it with #AD babe [confused-face emoji] please only endorse things you truly believe in x,” remarked one person.

Some even made a point that the product could actually be effective and isn’t necessarily a hoax simply because it is advertised in this particular manner.

“Just because she is advertising for this company for a paycheck doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.”