Kylie Jenner’s ‘Mini Me’ Pic With Stormi Hits 6 Million Likes

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Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi Webster have a long history of breaking the internet – the 2018 arrival of this makeup mogul’s baby broke the platform’s records for the most likes in February 2018. Last night’s picture of Kylie and Stormi may not be a record-breaker, but it’s racked up all kinds of likes.

On June 29, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star updated her account. Two pictures showed the 21-year-old with her little girl. It looked like Kylie had gone all-out on the style – both mother and daughter were twinning in matching outfits. Kylie’s red, yellow, and black-patterned mini-dress was wowing, but it wasn’t distracting from Stormi’s similar getup. This 1-year-old wasn’t looking as racy as her billionaire mother, but she was absolutely echoing the look.

It was an eye-catching and adorable update. The first snap showed Kylie crouching down with Stormi between her legs. Her toddler wasn’t facing the camera, but Kylie was sending the platform her signature direct gaze. Fans are likely melting over the second snap, though. This one saw Kylie holding her baby in her arms and planting a kiss on her nose.

Instagram seems sold on these two. The update racked up over 6.1 million likes within 11 hours of going live.

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mini me ????

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Fan comments poured in.

“Wow so dope goals,” one wrote.

“Twinny twin twins” was another comment.

This update didn’t just bring in millions of likes. The comments section to it is now filled with thoughts from over 18,000 individuals. Comments were left by Khloe Kardashian, Sofia Richie, and Kylie’s now-famous superfan, Johnny Cyrus.

As one of Instagram’s biggest faces, Kylie doesn’t need to do much to rake in the engagement. Her selfies or luxurious vehicle displays can easily bring in a staggering response. Something about an update with that adorable baby seems to guarantee a higher turnout, though. Earlier this year, Kylie took to the platform for Mother’s Day. Her pictures with Stormi seemed to be a reminder of just how much the world adores this adorable duo. The snap of Kylie and Stormi sitting outdoors (seen above) currently sits at 6.2 million likes.

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My Malibu baby ????????

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Kylie shocked the world over one year ago by announcing Stormi’s arrival – the pregnancy was a concealed one. Since becoming a mother, this reality star and cosmetics queen has changed her public image. The Lamborghinis and Louis Vuittons haven’t gone anywhere, but Kylie’s focus has shifted. Once little more than a spoiled teenager, Kylie is now viewed as a responsible parent as well as a respected businesswoman.

Stormi seems to have changed everything. She certainly proved popular last night. Fans wishing to see more of Kylie should follow her Instagram.