June 30, 2019
Florida Man Allegedly Broke Into A Wendy's After Hours, Grilled Himself A Hamburger Then Robbed The Safe

Florida man Martin Benson is giving new meaning to the term "Hamburglar" --- allegedly.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office said that a 34-year-old man named Martin Benson broke into a Wendy's fast food restaurant after tossing a brick through the window and forcing his way in. As the Daily Mail reported, what happened next took an unexpected turn.

Surveillance cameras allegedly caught the man taking a detour from his quest to steal money and instead firing up the restaurant's grill. Police say he proceeded to cook himself a burger as a snack, then hit up the safe and stole the cash.

But Benson was still hungry for more cash --- and more food. Police say he went to another restaurant on Jensen Beach where he again stole food and money. He tried to pull off a trifecta by breaking into a gas station, police said, but failed when he could not break his way in.

The department released information about the robberies in an attempt to identify the Hamburglar, and said the public responded with multiple tips that led them to the alleged culprit.

This is not the first time a Florida burglar has been accused of helping himself to some food during a heist. Last year, police in St. Petersburg were dispatched to a restaurant after a report of a break-in. As Patch reported, the officers reviewed the restaurant's security tapes and found a man riding his bike up to the property and entering through a back gate, where he was able to make his way into the restaurant.

From there, the man took off all his clothes and sat on a picnic table as he ate Ramen noodles --- ones he brought in himself, police said.

As the report noted, the man then decided to relax for a while.

"He then spends more than an hour in the restaurant, playing the bongos, spray painting a few chairs and finding his way into the restaurant's kitchen where he helps himself to a plate of chicken wings and a beer," the report noted.

Police said the man put everything back in place before he left, then stole about $500 worth of items, including cash, a laptop, and a tablet.

Like the current robbery, police released some images of the naked man in an effort to help identify him.

Police said Martin Benson was arrested this week and charged with burglary, grand theft, and attempted burglary. He remains in the Martin County Jail.