Julianne Hough Spreads LGBTQ Pride Spirit By Dancing With Conor Mckenzie On Instagram

Julianne Hough decided to see Pride Month out with a bang by joining with a dancer she had never met in real life. Jules, as she calls herself, actually first came across Conor Mckenzie on social media.

Conor, who considers himself a content creator, flexibility guru, and an optimist, explained their connection on Instagram,

"Strutting into the last few days of World Pride with my favorite ally [Jules Hough]. Having allies that show up and show OUT like Julianne is so beneficial to the LGBTQIA+ community. Her support helps with visibility for the queer community and shows that everyone can celebrate pride and show support for equality."
Mckenzie stated that the former Dancing with the Stars pro and America's Got Talent judge has been his "idol" for a very long time. He stated that "getting to twirl with her while bringing awareness to such an important cause is a dream come true."

In the video on Instagram that truly brought these two talents together in so many ways, each is wearing the rainbow colors of gay pride as the Instagram video began. Each was also wearing the same pair of stilettos, also rainbow colored.

The very flexible pair go through many wardrobe changes while having a lot of fun dancing together to RuPaul's "Supermodel (You Better Work)." While showing off their impossible dance skills, Hough and McKenzie seemed to have a lot of fun on a pretend runway.

The background of the short video was created out of a simple neutral backdrop as the floor of the short film was decorated with colorful balloons. Throughout their number, the two dancers lip-synced the words to the RuPaul anthem. In the end, both dancers finished their triumphant performance by showing how flexible each is when Jules did a full split on the floor while Conor did a full split while standing up.Dance is always on the minds of these two artists. Last week, Julianne Hough showed up on Instagram to talk about a couple of her favorite subjects, including dance, according to The Inquisitr.
"I'd feel a little bit dead inside, if I didn't have dancing. It's my way of expression and exercise and life and love. It's everything to me. Even if you have no rhythm, just laugh your way through dancing -- it's still fun!"
And with that, her new buddy, Conor Mckenzie, wrote a simple, "Agreed."Julianne Hough can be seen on America's Got Talent every week on NBC on Tuesday's at 8 p.m., ET. as one of the newest judges. Conor Mckenzie can be seen on his Stretch-Along page whiles teaching others how to be as flexible as possible.