October 26, 2016
Karen Gravano Accuses Natalie Guercio Of Leaking Number, Natalie Accuses Renee Graziano Of Performing Oral Sex On Vivica A. Fox's Ex, 50 Cent

The drama from Wednesday night's Mob Wives season 5 reunion quickly spilled over to social media. On Twitter, Karen Gravano accused Natalie Guercio of leaking her personal phone number. Meanwhile, Natalie went after the reunion's host, actress Vivica A. Fox, by claiming that her ex, rapper 50 Cent, cheated on her with Renee Graziano.

Karen claimed that Natalie put her number on Twitter. Unfortunately for Natalie, Karen said that Natalie's plan of making her mad didn't work.

"So Natalie and her crew put my # On Twitter thinking it was going to piss me off but I'm actually having a good time talking to the fan."
The next day, Karen even thanked Natalie for giving her the opportunity to talk to fans on the phone.
"Good morning. I'm glad you enjoyed the reunion last night thanks Natalie for releasing my number cause I got to interact with a bunch of you."
Karen Gravano wasn't the only person Natalie Guercio went after on social media. Natalie actually attacked the reunion show's host for not letting her speak.
So how did Natalie get her revenge on Vivica? By tweeting that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with none other than Renee Graziano. Natalie told Vivica that she "should've been more worried abt 50 when Renee was s**kin him off while u were with him. #bye trick #dontcomeforme." Vivica responded by calling Natalie a "really coward messy ass bitch." Vivica later apologized for stooping to Natalie's level.

Renee denied Natalie's accusation, saying that she and 50 are just good friends.

Renee also pointed out that Natalie called Vivica a "burnt b***h," which Renee believes proves Natalie to be racist. "Sickened by the digs @ Vivica posting about 50 which r lies & the fact that NatG finds its ok 2 call a blk woman a burnt b***h," Renee wrote.

Part two of the Mob Wives season 5 reunion, which airs next week, looks to be even more dramatic, with the addition of Natalie Guercio's biggest enemy, Natalie DiDonato, to the set. Over the season, the two Natalies have talked badly about one another but didn't get the chance to actually confront one another.

Natalie D. teased that viewers will see her going after Natalie G, whom she referred to as a "dumpster."

Natalie D. also thanked Renee and Karen for supporting her.
On the second part of the Mob Wives reunion, viewers will likely see Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano backing Natalie DiDonato up as she goes after Natalie Guercio. The big question is whether Drita D'Avanzo and in particular Angela "Big Ang" Raiola will help defend Natalie G., or if they will leave her to fight for herself. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Big Ang admitted after the finale episode that she was wrong about Natalie G.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]