Alexis Ren Goes Braless Under Plunge Dress

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Alexis Ren shared a series of 10 photos with her fans yesterday, and they were all from a previous trip she took to Bali. The first three photos were perhaps some of the most striking, as the model looked fabulous in a white, plunge dress that left her cleavage exposed. The first shot of her in the outfit showed her leaning up against a stone column against a white wall. She placed her right hand on her hips and glanced up at the camera with a sultry look. Her hair was down and styled with a heavy right part, which obscured her face slightly. The second photo of the series was similar to the first, except Alexis closed her eyes. She leaned against the stone column and placed her left hand over her head. The third photo showed Ren from a different angle by the same wall, revealing that she was posing by an infinity pool with an incredible ocean view. The dress also had a high slit on her left leg, and she kept things simple with no visible necklaces or bracelets.

Considering how great she looks, it’s no wonder that the post received almost 600,000 likes so far. The rest of the photos appear to be unrelated and shows Ren at the ocean and posing in the street.

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not in Bali anymore but

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Her beach photos are probably the most playful and flirty, as she was photographed mid-laugh while sticking her tongue out. Another image captured her laying directly on the sand, as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She wrote “I love you” in the sand, and was again seen mid-laugh with her eyes closed.

Ren seems to look amazing all the time. She previously opened up to Allure about some of her beauty secrets, some which may be surprising to her fans.

“My face is literally three shades lighter than the rest of my body. I always wear [sic]. I don’t tan my face ever, because I don’t want sun spots. I always have to warn makeup artists, because if they match a foundation to my face alone it looks really weird.”

Alexis also revealed the struggles she’s had with her hair.

“My hair’s very dry so I have to put coconut oil in my hair and braid it before I go out so the salt water doesn’t dry it out. I also use Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray and use tons of Kiehl’s SPF Facial Fuel UV Guard sunscreen; I hate when my hair and body get sun damaged.”

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ain’t even mad about it

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