Jenna Jameson Shows Off 80-Pound Weight Loss In Sizzling Swimsuit

Jenna Jameson has been making major headlines for losing 80 pounds. The model and adult entertainment star gave birth to her third child approximately one year ago. Jenna's June 29 Instagram update seems to be showcasing the results of her epic weight loss. As The Daily Mail reports, Jenna's weight was once 205 pounds.

Today's picture showed the 45-year-old sizzling in a pale blue swimsuit. Jenna had been photographed reclining on an oversized couch in full sunlight. Her long legs were stretched out in front of her. While it could be argued that the camera had taken a flattering angle, this photo didn't seem to be posted to trick viewers. The blonde's super-slim waist was evident. Likewise, her trim thighs, toned arms, and slimmed-down face were also on display. The mother of three seemed relaxed and at peace.

Today's post follows an Instagram update made four days ago. The staggering side-by-side photos showed Jenna before and after her weight loss. It also highlighted her status as a new mother; her left-hand side picture showed Jenna holding her baby, Batel. The update came with a caption mentioning the pounds Jenna had shed (and how).

"This is 205 vs. 125 both perfectly happy... but only one of these is healthy! I'm so thankful to #keto for giving me my life back! Please visit my amazon keto list the link is in my bio! It's super helpful when it comes to figuring out snacks and secrets to staying in ketosis! "
As The Daily Mail reports, Jenna embarked on her ketosis diet in March of last year. She lost 80 pounds in six months. Her initial goal weight is listed as being 110 pounds, but it seems that Jenna has opened her mind to reason. She appears content with her current 125-pound frame.

Fans have been leaving comments on today's picture.

"Your legs look so long," one fan wrote.

Jenna was also called a "gorgeous woman."

Celebrity weight loss is always a hot topic. Whether it's Kim Kardashian losing the baby weight or Demi Lovato toning up, fans will always be discussing how the stars do it. Jenna isn't alone in following the keto diet. Kourtney Kardashian recently revealed that she has embarked on the ketosis lifestyle for the second time. Kourtney first attempted the diet following medical advice.

The keto diet involves keeping carbohydrates down and putting the body into a fat-burning state known as ketosis. While controversial and frowned-upon by some doctors, the diet is popular. Clearly, for Jenna, it's working.

Jenna has 450,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Jenna should follow her account.